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The magic of Peter Pan

This term Year 3 and 4 have been working on a production of Peter Pan. It’s a new version of the well-loved story with sparkling tunes and magical locations and our Junior girls have thrilled everyone with their performance skills. We’ve had Warriors and Pirates, Lost Boys and Fairies, Mermaids, the Darling family and of course Nana the dog and the infamous Croc!

The whole process has been collaborative with staff across the Juniors creating scenery and costumes and girls in Years 4, 5 and 6 coming together after school to make props and staging in our lively Props Club.

We’d like to thank all the staff and parents for their support in making this show happen and once again say a huge, wonderful well done to Year 3 and Year 4 for their amazing Pan-tastic performances!


“I really liked my character Tiger Lily because she’s very fierce, brave and commanding. I feel like I am a strong person just like my character.”
India, Year 4

“I really liked being Smee because it was a funny role. I enjoyed performing my song and the rap!”
Olivia, Year 4

“I really enjoyed being Hook because I feel like I fit the role. It was fun to play a character who I wouldn’t normally play. My favourite moment was the scene when Tiger Lily got released and I was fighting Peter Pan.”
Amara, Year 4

“I really enjoyed being John Darling because I’m different to him and it was challenging to be someone else. My favourite moment was when we sang Wendy House because it was a beautiful song.”
Audrey, Year 4

“I really enjoyed the experience and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! It was really fun and we had to take lots of responsibilities for ourselves. My character was Seashell the mermaid. I liked singing the song and doing the pose at the end.”
Myra, Year 4