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We benefit from the opportunities the Trust make available to our girls in areas such as sport, music, drama and careers advice and support. Click here to find out more.

The Girls’ Day School Trust is the UK’s leading family of 25 girls’ schools including 23 independent schools and two academies. In all GDST schools, academic excellence is a given – at the GDST we develop character beyond the curriculum.

We focus not only on what is learned but how it is learned. Ensuring our girls are confident and fearless, determined to show what they can do. Nothing holds our girls back – they’re encouraged to embrace every role and subject. As a result, they trust their own abilities and are alive to every opportunity. This is the GDST Difference.

We concentrate on creating an environment where all can thrive and learn from one another. Physical and emotional wellbeing is paramount, which is why every GDST school provides an incredible array of extra-curricular activities and pastoral and wellbeing programmes.

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