When we ask our students what makes the Sixth Form special they tell us time and again it’s the family-like community. Because we invest considerable time and energy in getting to know each girl individually, we are sensitive to, and celebrate their diversity.

‘The family-like feel
in the Sixth Form
means that it has
become my home.’

—Current Upper Sixth student

‘Coming to Croydon High
as a “new girl” I was apprehensive as to how I would fit in. However, a year on I can honestly say that coming here is the best decision I have ever made.”

—Current Lower Sixth student

At lunch times and break times, especially, the Sixth Form Common Room reverberates with the sound of shared laughter, the celebration of the latest success and even raucous renditions of ‘Happy Birthday.’ Staff support girls, and crucially, they support each other through the twists and turns of an A level programme which is notoriously pressurised. But the sense of community and support here does make things manageable and enjoyable and we find that personal happiness leads to academic success.

Indeed, our Sixth Form is also characterised by a collective academic endeavour which pushes girls to do their very best. Small class sizes allow for an unrivalled level of personalisation and increased contact time. Outside of timetabled lessons, staff can frequently be found with students working together to consolidate learning and to go beyond the bounds of the A level curriculum, such is the shared sense of purpose and ambition.

Finally, the expertise and energy of our Careers Department means that girls leave our Sixth Form armed with the information and skills they need to succeed at university and in their chosen career. Why not come and see for yourself what makes us so special?

Today I won my
first England cap

Mya aged 17

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Today I won my first England cap

Mya started playing football outside school when she was in Year 4, often finding she was the only girl on the team. However, she believes this experience helped mould her into both the player and the person she is today. In her words, “… it taught me from an early age that challenges are put in place to be overcome.”

Mya was awarded her first England cap in February 2019. She plays for Tottenham’s Under 20 team (where she was voted Players’ Player 2018-19) and also the ISFA England Schools Under 18 team.

Women’s football is growing quickly in popularity, nationally and at Croydon High, and is now a very popular co-curricular club. Mya is an inspirational coach and mentor for the younger girls and her passion for the game as well as her undoubted skill, means that we believe she could go all the way to achieving her dream of playing professionally and one day, bringing the World Cup home!

Just as with every one of our girls, we will do all we can to support her in her quest.

Today I achieved
my dream

Jess aged 18

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Today I achieved my dream

Jess knew she didn’t want to go to university; her ambition was always to start building a career in the City starting with an apprenticeship, where she could gain an industry recognised qualification in the workplace.

So, Jess set her (very determined) mind to researching options with the support of our dedicated Head of Careers, Mrs Gower. She attended a number of Insight Events at blue chip companies and took advantage of numerous opportunities offered by the wider GDST network, all of which reinforced her conviction that this path was right for her.

Applying for apprenticeships from March onwards meant Jess was having to juggle her A-Level revision with attending interviews and highly competitive assessment programmes. Fortunately, time management is just one of the many skills Jess found she had developed during her time at Croydon High, particularly in her last year as a valued member of the Senior Prefect Team.  During her interviews, she was able to talk confidently about how school life has helped shape her. An enthusiastic and accomplished sportswoman, Jess is a real team player who can always be relied upon to meet a challenge and give of her best, on the field, on stage and in the classroom. We have no doubt these attributes will be equally appreciated in the Board Room!

Jess knew what she wanted and we are extremely proud to say she has achieved her goal. She begins her Apprenticeship at Rothschild & Co. in August 2019.