The 1874 Foundation Appeal was launched following a great deal of thought and considerable support for the idea from our alumnae. Our hope was that it would give members of this community who wish to, an opportunity to offer regular financial support for the aims of the school.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this form of fundraising, it simply means that donors set an amount that they are happy to give and a frequency at which they wish to donate. This may be a small amount on a monthly basis or a larger amount annually. The important thing is that the donor has control over what they give and a say in how the money is spent.

Since its launch in 2013, we have received so many offers of support from friends and alumnae of all eras, some financial and others offering their time and expertise for the benefit of the school.

It has been a humbling experience; we have learned how much Croydon High School means to so many people and it has inspired us more than anything to ensure that this sense of pride and community is retained by the current generation.

  • Building our Bursary provision provides more opportunities for bright girls – whatever their circumstances.

    There is a significant need for increase our level of bursary funding at the school. We have become increasingly aware that every year we turn down applications from extremely bright girls, who we feel sure would do well here, because of their families’ financial circumstances.

    We know that a good number of our alumnae have benefited from some form of financial support and will often refer to this – and the difference they feel it made to their lives – when they communicate with the school. Our bursary fund is steadily growing thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumnae, but as we have said before, it takes a significant capital investment to be able to fund even one seven year bursary.

    This is why, at this point in our history, we have decided to focus all our fundraising efforts on bursary provision. 

    We hear so many positive stories from alumnae who benefited from financial support during their time at school and so feel it is an appropriate challenge to set ourselves that we continue the legacy of providing outstanding education for girls who could otherwise not access it.

    The Margaret Adams Bursary

    Following our initial bursary appeal, we were contacted by an alumna who left Croydon High in the 1950’s and who was inspired to fund a bursary in the name of her Headmistress, Dr Margaret Adams. We sent a letter on her behalf to all of her former classmates, suggesting that they might consider banding together to fund this very special bursary.

    We would also like to extend this invitation to everyone who considers Dr Adams ( or ‘Fanny Adams’ as she was very affectionately known!) to be ‘their’ Headmistress. She led the school from 1939 to 1960 and so will have touched the lives of a very large number of our alumnae and we hope she would approve of this initiative. Please contact us via ivylink@cry.gdst.net to find out more about this initiative.

    We look forward to updating you with news of the on-going response to this appeal.

    One of the founding aims of the school in 1874 was to provide opportunities to girls from all financial backgrounds and we will always aim to uphold this worthy principle.

    To find out more about how the GDST is supporting bursaries across our network please click here

    Opening Doors: the impact of GDST Bursaries

    Building our Sports Pavilion – for the school and for the local community

    In 2013, under Debbie Leonard’s Headship, we also launched a two year fundraising programme  to build a sports pavilion next to our artificial hockey pitch. We are most grateful to those who chose to support this initiative which has become a real asset for the school and for clubs and schools in the local community who have access to it.

    Of course, everyone who decides to give, either to The 1874 Bursary Appeal or as an unrestricted gift, or who remembers the school in their Will, can be sure that that their generosity will be greatly valued and that all funds raised will be used to benefit the girls of Croydon High School. 

FAQ’s about Legacy Giving

  • This is your choice and specific requests can be included in your Will. Legacies can be directed to bursaries or scholarships or to the Head’s discretionary fund which will assist with any particular projects that are underway when your legacy is received.
    An unrestricted gift gives us the greatest flexibility to direct your gift towards our educational priorities at the time, but we know that you may wish to support a particular area. Expressing specific requests as wishes will ensure that we can still receive your gift in the future and use it as you intended.

  • You can leave a residuary (share of estate), pecuniary (set sum), or a particular item (stocks and shares or particular items of value).

  • Every gift makes a difference no matter what the size. While you should first think about your personal circumstances and providing for those you care for, a residuary gift is a great way to ensure that whatever happens in the economy your generous intentions will not be affected.

  • You should include our name, the GDST’s name and charity number (306983), the GDST’s registered address (10 Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5DH) and if you would like the gift to benefit a particular area (such as bursaries).

  • All legacies are exempt from inheritance tax and if you leave over 10% of your estate to charity it can reduce the level of inheritance tax you pay overall. We recommend that you consult your solicitor to draft a tax efficient Will.

  • If you already have a Will, in most cases you can make a simple addition or amendment with a Codicil. This supplement overwrites existing instructions without the need to revoke or rewrite the whole document. We always recommend that you seek the advice of a solicitor and do not write on, amend or attach any form to your current Will yourself, as your Will could become invalid.

  • It is entirely up to you if you wish to let us know about your intentions. You do not have to inform us or let us know how much you are intending to give. If you would like to share this with us, we recognise that this is a very meaningful commitment from you. Letting us know your intentions gives us the opportunity to thank you and keep you updated on our work and the school.

  • Of course and you should not feel obliged to let us know

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