Girls arrive at school anytime from 7.30am and are supervised in the dining room. Some will use the opportunity to pop in and see a teacher, others catch up with friends ahead of a busy day with registration at 8:30am.


Many girls are involved in an early morning club and have an energetic or creative start to the day with, for example, Running club and an early morning run around the grounds, or a musical rehearsal for choir

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The school meets twice weekly, with assemblies run by staff, outside speakers and the girls themselves. Topical issues and passionate subjects are presented, often promoting ways to find out more or get involved that week. Houses and Year groups meet fortnightly. Find out more about the Pastoral system and the House system.

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First lesson of the day


Second Lessons

Two more lessons before lunch. Unless it is a cross-curricular day of course – Year 8 Frankenstein Day for example. Teachers encourage girls to look at topics in fresh and exciting ways. Understanding the scientific discoveries in Shelley’s time, for example, sets context for the famous novel. Bespoke timetables for the day give all girls the ability to demonstrate their learning by responding with their own prose, dramatic re-enactment or musical composition.



Get in line! Girls eat in one of the two dining rooms, each providing hot food, including exciting vegetarian options, developed in consultation with the girls. Our caterers are on hand to explain the menus, encourage the girls to try something new and make sure no mouth is left unfed.

Sixth Formers enjoy the right to grab something from their own café option, or create their own concoction!


Time to stretch the mind at Engineering Club, or make music in one of the many ensembles. It might be the moment to head to “The Bench” – a generations old institution outside the Staff Room door where girls can get one to one assistance from their teachers.

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Time to justify your opinion to your peers, work out the coding needed to solve the problem, test your maths logic with reactive on-line programs, or disappear into the world that nobody can see until it ends up on the canvass.


An opportunity to collaborate on a drama piece, experiment in pairs to discover science at source, communicate in another language, uncover the past… never a dull moment.


Teaching ends… but competing begins. Sports fixtures almost every day of the week against schools near and far see our girls representing the school in Netball, Swimming, Hockey, Gymnastics, Cricket, Athletics and more…


Or there might be a performance coming up, in which case Mr Suranyi (Director of Music) or Mrs Morgan-Collins (Head of Drama) will be auditioning or rehearsing. Everyone is encouraged to ‘have a go…’ And for those who just want to get on with their homework, the LRC is open until 6pm