"There is no one way to be a Croydon High girl"

There is no one way to be a Croydon High girl and our girls learn that right from Junior School. Every opportunity, every success, as well as every failed attempt, teaches them about themselves. With a clear sense of personal identity, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, they embrace new experiences with true confidence.

“I really feel the
teachers know and
care about her.”

— parent survey

“Our girls are confident. That is not to say they are all extroverts or natural performers but they all feel comfortable in their own skin and that comes across when they interact with visitors.”

—Mrs Macmillan, Admissions

Today I became
a mentor

Aleena aged 9 and Fallon aged 6

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Today I became a mentor

From Reception up, all girls work their way through their own Maths Passport, where every mental maths skill they will need to grasp is broken down into small steps. Girls work at their own pace, practising for five minutes a day and ticking off the skills as they move around the world.

Aleena, in Year 4, has finished her entire passport; impressive when you consider that knowing all the square numbers up to 100 is just one of the final page of skills. She has now applied to be a Maths Mentor. Maths Mentors are girls who, having completed their own passport, mentor younger girls to help them up the ladder behind them. Fallon in Year 1 and Aleena are both benefitting from the programme which is also raising maths standards throughout the school.

Today I protected
my future

Flora Year 3 age 8

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Today I protected my future

Flora is one of many girls who at an early age develop a social conscience far beyond their years. She is part of our Plastic Free School Team. Girls had to apply to become part of this team and they are both raising awareness of our impact on our environment and petitioning school departments to make changes to the way we operate. They recently organised a guest speaker for assembly and took part in a litter pick.

As well as a passion for the environment, Flora also has a commitment to help other children which she teams with plenty of ambition. She helped organise a networking event for children her age held in The Transport Museum in London where she delivered the opening address.

We believe her future is bright.

From performing lines to a packed audience nine weeks into school to pitching their business to investors on our Year 6 Enterprise Evening, our girls know there is no glass ceiling. With the only dedicated Junior School careers’ programme we know of alongside a STEM provision and Computer Science taught as a specialist subject from Nursery, our girls leave Junior School real-world ready.

We value every one of our girls as an individual, her happiness is paramount. At every stage girls are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond age expectations and are challenged and supported every step of the way.

“Your view is infinitely precious. It doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s ideals. Let it be your own.”

—Year 6 pupil speaking about independent learning in the Junior School

“Our girls are bursting with potential and it is a privilege to help them explore and develop”

—Early Years Teacher