Croydon High has exceeded our expectations in terms of how welcoming and supportive all of the staff and fellow students have been to our daughters since starting. It’s a pleasure to see them settled in and thriving so quickly in such a positive and caring environment. They look forward to going to school every day.

– Parent of Year 4 and Year 5 girls (new starters in 2024)

"There is no one way to be a Croydon High girl"

There is no one way to be a Croydon High girl and our girls learn that right from Junior School. Every opportunity, every success, as well as every failed attempt, teaches them about themselves. With a clear sense of personal identity, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, they embrace new experiences with true confidence.

“I really feel the
teachers know and
care about her.”

— parent survey

“Our girls are confident. That is not to say they are all extroverts or natural performers but they all feel comfortable in their own skin and that comes across when they interact with visitors.”

—Mrs Macmillan, Admissions

Today I became
a mentor

Lottie, Year 6 and Alessandra, Reception.

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Today I became a mentor

Lottie is a Year 6 buddy to Alessandra in Reception. The primary objective of our Buddy System is to provide our youngest learners with the support and guidance of their older peers. We believe that such interactions not only promote a nurturing and inclusive school environment but also aid in the holistic development of our girls. We have carefully designed this programme to ensure that it benefits all participants involved. It aims to:

  1. Support and Mentorship
  2. Team Building and Activities
  3. Confidence Building

We believe that having an older peer as a buddy contributes to building the confidence of our younger pupils. Our Year 6 girls serve as positive role models for their buddies, inspiring them to grow and develop both academically and personally. 

Here is a recent quote from one of our parents about the buddy system: “I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for introducing the buddy scheme between the year 6 girls and EYFS. There hasn’t been a week, since it started, where my daughter hasn’t beamed about seeing or doing something with her little buddy. The recent organised event was the highlight of her week – thank you. My daughter is the youngest in our family and the youngest of all her cousins, so seeing her take delight with being paired up with someone smaller that her, is just lovely to see!”

Today I protected my future

Bela, Year 4

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Today I protected my future

We’re sowing the seeds of environmental stewardship and nurturing a culture of sustainability among our girls. From tree planting to beekeeping, our diverse eco initiatives are shaping future eco-warriors, conservationists, and sustainability pioneers

1. Tree Planting for a Greener Tomorrow

Our Year 10 Climate Change elective and Year 1 students joined forces to extend our school hedge, fostering biodiversity and teaching the importance of environmental protection. The new saplings, including Dogwood, Hawthorn, Silver Birch, Wild Cherry, Hazel, and Rowan, are enhancing the hedge’s diversity, creating a thriving ecosystem.

2. Embracing Biodiversity through No-Mow Initiatives

Our Pollinators Project is in full swing, with our NO-MOW bank flourishing with Oxeye daisies. Year 10 Climate Change Elective, with the guidance of Surrey Wildlife Trust planted pollinator-friendly species around the Science department, creating habitats for wildlife to thrive.

3. Forest School: Cultivating Holistic Growth

Our Forest School programme immerses girls in a unique, hands-on learning experience set in a natural environment in our onsite Forest School. From minibeast hunts to den-building, girls explore the seasons and develop a deep connection with nature. Forest School instils a sense of responsibility and fosters a holistic approach to learning.

4. Junior Gardening Club: Growing Well-Being

The Junior Gardening Club is cultivating more than just plants; it’s nurturing well-being and resilience. Students learn about the natural cycle, plant seeds, and take pride in growing their own vegetables. The club not only promotes physical activity but also encourages a deep respect for the environment.

5. Bee Club: Buzzing with Purpose

Our bee club is a hive of activity, mirroring the energy and care of our girls. They’re not just learning about bees; they’re becoming beekeepers. Managing two hives with over 100,000 bees, the club members will harvest honey, care for the colonies, and delve into the intricate world of bees, flora, and weather patterns.

At Croydon High School, these initiatives are more than green projects; they’re pathways to instil a sense of responsibility, compassion, and environmental consciousness in our girls. As they engage in these activities, they are not only shaping their own futures but contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly world. The seeds we plant today will blossom into a green legacy for generations to come.

From performing lines to a packed audience nine weeks into school to pitching their business to investors on our Year 6 Enterprise Evening, our girls know there is no glass ceiling. With the only dedicated Junior School careers’ programme we know of alongside a STEM provision and Computer Science taught as a specialist subject from Nursery, our girls leave Junior School real-world ready.

We value every one of our girls as an individual, her happiness is paramount. At every stage girls are encouraged to stretch themselves beyond age expectations and are challenged and supported every step of the way.

“Your view is infinitely precious. It doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s ideals. Let it be your own.”

—Year 6 pupil speaking about independent learning in the Junior School

“Our girls are bursting with potential and it is a privilege to help them explore and develop”

—Early Years Teacher