“I really feel the teachers know
and care about her”

—2018 parent survey

From her very first day in Nursery our girls are treated as individuals. The relationships they develop with staff are crucial and all our staff know each girl, her likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and plan teaching opportunities that suit each and every one.

“I remember painting our canvas with all the class. That painting is now in the hall”

—Reception pupil talking about her memories from Nursery

Our staff combine the child centred approach of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with a phonics and number programme that ensure girls are encouraged to achieve beyond age expectations. Many of our girls begin on our reading programme whilst still in our Nursery Class.

“Our girls are bursting with potential and it is a privilege to help them explore and develop”

—Mrs Pickett, Early Years Teacher

Our girls are given opportunities to develop confidence right from Nursery. Specialist teaching in Music, Drama, PE and Computer Science from 3 years old enables them to learn cognitive and performance skills at a very young age. After only ten weeks with us our Nursery girls perform alongside Reception in their Nativity Play in front of an audience. With daily opportunities to tell their news, share their ideas and articulate their needs, our young girls know that their voice will be heard.