Croydon High School is an independent (private) fee-paying day school for girls aged 3-18. We are incredibly proud to be part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a charitable organisation which re-invests all income for the benefit of pupils.

Our private school fees are a big part of ‘the GDST difference.’ They enable us to improve facilities in our school and continually to invest in the outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff we employ and in the infrastructure shared across our network of 23 schools and two academies across England and Wales.

School Fees from 2023

 Nursery* see note below
Full Time £3839 per term £959.75 per month
Part Time (minimum five sessions) Please see this schedule Please see this schedule
Junior School
Reception £4584 per term £1146.25 per month
Year 1 and Year 2 £4708 per term £1177 per month
Year 3 and Year 4 £5140 per term £1285 per month
Years 5 and Year 6 £5226 per term £1306.50 per month
Senior School
Years 7-9 £6369 per term £1592.25 per month
Years 10-13 £6605 per term £1651.25 per month

Important to note:

*All parents are eligible for the government grant, covering 15 hours education from the term following their daughter’s third birthday, up until the term in which your daughter turns five. This is deducted from the above fees at source by the GDST. Full details and fees (2022/2023) for Nursery can be downloaded HERE

Our private school fees cover: the regular curriculum, school books, stationery and other materials, choral music, games and swimming, and careers guidance.

School fees also cover public examination fees which are often charged separately by many independent schools.

Our fees do not cover lunches (currently £261.66 per term) and are compulsory for girls up to Year 10.

Our fees do not cover extra-curricular Music and Speech and Drama lessons – full details of these additional costs can be found in our Admissions Guide.


How to Pay

We ask that your fees be paid by Direct Debit and the necessary forms for this will be provided either by the school or from the Trust’s Head Office. The fees may be paid in advance annually or termly, or by monthly instalments which equate to four equal payments of the termly fee.

Registration Fees and Deposits

A non-refundable fee of £100 will be charged when you apply to the school.

A deposit of £750 is chargeable when you accept a place and this will be held until the end of your daughter’s final term in the school. Unfortunately this cannot be refunded if the place is not taken up for any reason.

School Uniform

Full details on our uniform regulations can be found here.

Please note we do not operate a school shop and all uniform must be purchased on-line from our suppliers School Blazer.

School Blazer UK
Telephone: 0333 7000 703

School Trips

We run numerous trips to enhance the academic offer across the curriculum. A small number of these are compulsory, such as those which are a requirement of the academic curriculum for GCSE and A=level – for example, Geography field trips.