Head of Progression and Futures, Dr Parviz Lakha-Kassam, is building a bespoke programme for Croydon High students to support them in mapping their futures and achieving their ambitions. As she explains, “Croydon High students have huge potential and it is my aim to encourage and support them to achieve their best and succeed in life after school.”

Our comprehensive Progression and Futures programme is designed to give students the tools, skills and information they need to make decisions about their futures and achieve their dreams. We provide individual, tailored support for each student, working hard to find out what excites and motivates them.

Progression and Futures support

For the lower school, the majority of sessions are delivered through timetabled Citizenship and Wellbeing lessons and form time. Dr Parviz Lakha-Kassam supports Heads of Year and teaching staff to advise students about their options, and support them in making decisions throughout their time at Croydon High.

Dr Lakha-Kassam provides formal and informal 1-2-1 time for students so that she can get to know their ambitions, and help them along the way. Contact with Dr Lakha-Kassam increases as students progress through the school, and they are encouraged to drop into her office informally to ask questions or chat through their ideas.

Experiencing the world of work
Students have the opportunity to experience the world of work in a range of different ways, including events supported by alumnae, and students’ friends and family. For example, we hold futures and progressions networking breakfasts for specific career areas.

Our “outstanding” Progression and Futures Convention occurs once every two years, and is attended by more than 100 delegates. This event gives the students an opportunity to speak directly to people working in careers in which they are interested, and to make their own contacts and connections.

“There was such a fabulous mix of backgrounds and some amazing people.”

—Current parent

We make use of an online platform called Unifrog, through which students (and their parents) can track their progress towards narrowing down their university, subject and career choices, and find a host of useful information about courses, institutions and professions. This means that students have 24-hour access to information at the click of a mouse.

Futures & Progressions Office

Dr Lakha-Kassam is based in the Futures & Progressions Office, which is conveniently located opposite the LRC and next to the Sixth Form Centre. Her door is always open to students who have questions or need guidance. This is also where Dr Lakha-Kassam has 1-2-1 conversations with students to discuss their aspirations.

Dr Lakha-Kassam is building a Progression and Futures library, which contains books to support students to expand their reading and boost their super-curricular knowledge for UCAS applications. Many resources are also available online and Dr Lakha-Kassam regularly carries out bespoke research for students to answer their questions and provide them with tailored advice.

An old-girls network that really works

One of the most distinctive features of a GDST education is the community of more than 75,000 alumnae to whom students have access. Alumnae generously offer their time to support the Progression and Futures programme and provide advice and guidance to students in a way that they are unlikely to find elsewhere.

In addition, our own Ivy Link Network of Croydon High alumnae offers an unparalleled level of support to our current students.