Staff are supported by a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) whose work is overseen by the Head.

As a part of the GDST, the school’s performance is also overseen by the Directors and CEO of the Trust.

Our local Governors offer guidance, advice and a critical oversight, bringing expertise from their varied areas of specialism. We are extremely fortunate to benefit from the support of such a committed and capable team.

One of our current members of staff writes about their experience teaching here: “Croydon High’s way – and the GDST way – is so exactly representative of an ideal workplace, in my mind. The way Croydon High is concerned for mental and physical wellbeing of pupils AND staff, the way you’re open to change, the way you’re welcoming to everyone from any and all backgrounds, the way you encourage healthy discussions around accountability and how to make progress and improve… Working in this kind of environment is a dream.”

  • Title Name Subject
    Head Ms A Davies Music
    Head of Junior School Miss S-J Pendleton
    Deputy Head (Academic) Mr B Rew Mathematics
    Deputy Head (Pastoral) Mr D King Mathematics
    Assistant Head (Co-curricular) Mrs E Webb Drama
    Assistant Head (Sixth Form) Ms A Gilmour Physics
    Assistant Head (Digital Strategy) Mr K Murphy Computer Science
    Deputy Head of Junior School Miss L Threadgold
    Director of Philanthropy and External Relations Mrs F Cook
    Director of Finance and Operations Mr J Nelson
  • Name Role
    Mrs C Gulliver Chair of Governors
    Ms N Fraser-Haynes Deputy Chair of Governors / Safeguarding
    Mrs J Baker School Governor
    Mrs R Broyd School Governor
    Professor R Cook School Governor
    Mrs R Evans School Governor
    • Name Subject/Year Group
      Miss M Atkinson PE
      Mrs C Bird Art
      Mrs A Botham Head of Junior School PE
      Mrs K Bower
      Mrs N Crossfield Assistant Head (Pastoral & Outreach)
      Mrs A D’Aranjo EYFS Lead
      Miss S Delany Music
      Mrs A Harley Head of Junior Academic Support
      Mrs J Harrison
      Mrs A Johnson
      Mr D Johnston Assistant Head (Co-curricular & Operations)
      Mrs C Kirkby Drama
      Mrs M Krishnamurthy Head of Junior School Enterprise Technology
      Mrs C Male
      Ms S Mannooch Languages
      Mrs J Monaghan
      Mrs N Moorhouse
      Mrs E Nathanael
      Mrs C Nembhard Nursery
      Mrs S Newlands
      Miss L Threadgold Deputy Head
      Mr A Wilks
      Mrs E Wragg
    • Name Responsibility
      Mrs R Abrahams Teaching Assistant
      Mrs M Bass After School Care Supervisor and Breakfast Club Supervisor
      Miss R Bass Teaching Assistant
      Mrs J Bullock Teaching Assistant
      Mrs W Butler Lunchtime Assistant
      Mrs C Connery Teaching Assistant
      Mrs E Deblock Academic Support & Neurodiversity
      Mrs S Grinham Teaching Assistant
      Mrs L Khan Lunchtime Assistant & After School Care Playworker
      Mrs K Redmond Teaching Assistant & Junior School Librarian
      Mrs A Skinner Lunchtime Assistant
      Mrs K Suggett Teaching Assistant
    • Name Responsibility
      Mrs S Garrett PA to Junior Head & Junior Office Manager
      Mrs C Macmillan Admissions Registrar (Junior School)
      Mrs J Young Admin Assistant
    • Name Subject Additional Responsibilities
      Mrs M Aitken Religion, Ethics & Philosophy
      Miss N Ahmad Mathematics Form Tutor
      Ms A Azams Spanish
      Mr E Baker PE Assistant Head of Year 7, Head of House (Curie)
      Miss N Baptist Biology, Chemistry Yeargroup 8/9 Support
      Mrs S Beck PE Head of Community, Yeargroup 10 Support
      Ms S Bhugalee Chemistry Form Tutor
      Miss R Bradley Drama, English
      Mrs M Brierly German, Spanish, French
      Mrs A Burgess English
      Miss T Butler PE
      Mrs R Conrad Biology Head of Science, Form Tutor
      Mr C Cordes Physics Head of Year Upper School (10&11)
      Ms A Cotton English Head of English, Form Tutor
      Mr G Cowie Psychology, Sociology Director of Academic Studies, Head of Year 7
      Mrs P M Diez Spanish Head of Spanish, Year group 8 Support
      Mrs E Eminson English
      Ms K Fenwick History, Politics Head of History, Form Tutor
      Mr G Flower Latin and Classical Civilisation Form Tutor, Head of House (Garrett)
      Mrs K Gavin Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Head of Religion, Ethics & Philosophy
      Mrs S Gower Geography, Religion, Ethics & Philosophy Director of Sixth Form Experience, Form Tutor
      Ms J Greaves 3D Design, Art Form Tutor
      Ms K Harvey Religion, Ethics & Philosophy
      Ms L Head PE Director of Sport, Year group 9 Support
      Mr A Holdsworth Computer Science
      Mrs H Howgego Chemistry Head of Chemistry, Form Tutor
      Miss C Howie English Second in Department, Form Tutor, Academic Scholars Coordinator
      Ms N Jalali English Form Tutor
      Mrs K James Biology STEM Universities Coordinator, Year group 11 Support
      Ms N James Psychology, Sociology Head of Psychology & Sociology & Director of Pupil Wellbeing
      Mrs J Jones French
      Mrs A Karteepan Physics Head of Physics, Form Tutor
      Mr B Kazi Mathematics
      Miss S Kermani Mathematics Yeargroup 7 Support, School Timetabler
      Mrs C Krause PSHE Head of PSHE, Head of Year 8/9
      Mrs A Kugathas Biology, Chemistry Form Tutor
      Mrs S Leppala Chemistry Form Tutor, Innovation and Enrichment Lead (Science)
      Mr J Loveday Religion, Ethics & Philosophy, Politics Head of Politics, Form Tutor
      Ms S Mannooch Latin and Classical Civilisation
      Mrs L Miller PE Year group 8/9 Support, Head of House (Seacole)
      Mrs A Mollison Head of Geography
      Mrs L Morgan-Collins Drama Head of Drama
      Miss A Devenney Mathematics
      Mrs M Murray History Head of Year 8/9
      Mrs L Palmer Art, 3D Design Form Tutor
      Miss A Paris French Head of French, Year group 9 Support
      Mrs L Ridgway French Form Tutor
      Miss R Seal Mathematics Head of Mathematics
      Mrs M Serradilla Business, Economics Head of Business & Economics
      Mrs H Sharples Academic Support & Neurodiversity
      Ms R Sigusch German Head of MFL
      Miss P Simmonds English & Drama
      Mrs E Smith Art, 3D Design Head of Art & 3D Design, Director of Teaching and Scholarship, Form Tutor
      Mr M Suranyi Music Director of Music
      Mr J Ting Music, Computer Science Technology Integration Specialist, Form Tutor
      Mrs C Tooke English Head of Year Upper School (10&11)
      Ms G Whittingham Classics Head of Classics
      Mrs P Wood Spanish and French
    • Name Responsibility
      Mrs D Arun Science Technician
      Mrs A Barnett Art Technician
      Mr P Coley Science Technician, DofE Coordinator
      Mrs E Deblock Academic Support Teaching Assistant
      Mr D Mooney Theatre/AV Technician
      Miss A Rolle Learning Resource & Information Hub Manager
      Mrs H Shonpal Academic Support & Neurodiversity Teaching Assistant
      Mrs L Tapsfield Learning Resource & Information Hub Manager
      Mrs K Thomas Science Technician
      Miss T Yam Art & 3D Design Technician
    • Name Subject
      Mrs M Brierly German
      Mrs M Maquieira Spanish
      Mrs Z Toorabally French
    • Name Responsibility
      Mrs L Alpin Marketing & Communications Coordinator
      Miss M Bellarby Deputy Manager (Sports Club)
      Mrs J Bloxsome School Nurse
      Mr L Butler Caretaker
      Mrs B Congram Administration Assistant
      Mr S Corcoran Minibus Driver
      Mrs E Decambre Receptionist/Administration Assistant
      Miss K Dickson Cleaning Supervisor
      Mrs H Elkins Receptionist/Administration Assistant
      Mr M Elms ICT Operations & Development Manager
      Mr C Grimwood Sports Club Manager
      Mr M Gunstone Caretaker
      Mr S Haridasan ICT Technician
      Mr P Kyriakides Premises Traffic Attendant
      Miss L Houghton PA to Headmistress
      Dr P Lakha-Kassam *maternity leave Head of Progression and Futures
      Mrs K Lee Marketing & Communications Manager
      Mrs G Lewis Examinations, Assessment & Data Officer
      Mrs I Lone Head of Progression and Futures
      Mr A Lubinski Caretaker
      Mrs L Martin Examinations, Assessment and Data Coordinator
      Mrs R Milne Finance Assistant
      Mr L Mutti Premises Manager
      Ms A Phillips HR and Compliance Officer
      Ms W Pryce School Counsellor
      Mrs V Reeve Finance Manager
      Mrs K Reynolds PA to Senior Leadership Team
      Mrs K Roe Alumnae Relations
      Mrs S Smith Admissions Registrar (Senior School)
      Mr M Taylor Facilities & H&S Manager
      Ms S Vaughan Office and Events Manager
  • Name
    Charlotte Dickinson
    Maisie O’Halloran
    Farid Oladapo
  • Name
    Mrs G Belson Piano
    Ms S Boyd Singing
    Mr D Cox Clarinet/Saxophone
    Mrs J Cox Flute
    Mrs H Dennis Oboe
    Miss R Dyer Piano/Harp
    Mr B Ellsbury Piano
    Mrs K Karelis Singing
    Mr C Kimber Percussion
    Mrs E Martin Piano/Violin
    Mr A Moore Guitar
    Mrs A Mulroy Singing
    Miss L Nagioff Cello
    Mr M Payne Brass
    Mrs N Ruggins EAL
    Mrs V Smith Violin
    Ms G Tay Piano
    Mrs S Warwick Violin