“Happy girls thrive
at Croydon High.”

—Current parent

Croydon High School girls share the trait of individuality. We see it in their art, their essays, their songs and all their other successes. We cherish that as a community and girls appreciate it as they mature.

Croydon High School girls stand out because of their outlook on life. It is honest, compassionate and ambitious. Barely a week goes by without an awareness-raising event a charity fundraiser or opportunities grasped (big or small) to help others.

"The school community is something rare, it’s so close knit and friendly. The teachers will always do their best to help with whatever you need and at any time of the day."

—2017 Leaver

Today I caught my first wave

Rebecca, Isla and Hollyann aged 12

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Today I caught my first wave

Starting a new school is always daunting but at Croydon High, we have perfected the art of putting girls at ease and bringing out the best in them – from the very beginning. When Rebecca, Isla and Hollyann joined Year 7, they all felt a natural sense of anxiety, but it didn’t take long for them to feel that sense of belonging and shared purpose that is the hallmark of our school. Spending a week in Devon with the whole year group, right at the start of the new school year, was a major contributing factor to this. Skern Lodge is a Croydon High tradition; a week together taking part in a huge range of activities including surfing, climbing, abseiling and rafting, builds far more than just physical skills. By the time they return to school, they are riding high on a wave of new found friendships and growing confidence.

Today I persuaded
them to think again

Nyla aged 14

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Today I persuaded them to think again

Debating is hugely popular at Croydon High. Whether it is inter-form, inter-house or inter-school, many girls like Nyla embrace the arts of presentation, negotiation and effective argument which serves them well in all their social interactions.

These behaviours are learned by girls because they are intrinsic to the school community. Teachers share willingly their understanding of the world, not to indoctrinate, but to inspire. They sow metaphorical seeds which challenge the moral compass of the girls.

When reminded of the big picture, Croydon High School girls stand up for others, stand up for their peers and stand up for themselves. By the time the real world comes knocking, they know themselves and each other, they know where the competition really exists, and they know the best way for them to tackle the challenges ahead.

“Staff build excellent relationships with each girl and feedback and academic targets are completely tailored taking account of a girl's learning style.”

—Current parent