As they contemplate moving on to Sixth Form, our students find much that is familiar to them.

The emphasis on the development of the individual, the traditions of academic excellence and the strong pastoral care, integral to the ethos of Croydon High School, all remain the same. Indeed, our Senior School students have a myriad of opportunities to work alongside Sixth Formers in extracurricular activities, enrichment or as members of our Oxbridge Programme, to mention only a few. A new curriculum, more independence, new peers and the emphasis on preparing for the future however, can contribute to a lack of certainty about exactly what opportunities and challenges the Sixth Form will hold for them. To address this, we run a series of activities throughout Years 10 and 11 to ensure that our students are as prepared as they can be for joining Year 12.

It is important to emphasise that the ‘Preparing for the Sixth Form’ programme isn’t a one size fits all model but that it can be tailored to meet the needs of the families making the decisions. To that end, there are numerous opportunities for students, and parents, to meet with senior staff individually to discuss their plans in an example of the personalisation that Croydon High School prides itself on.

Preparing for the Sixth Form: Programme

Month / Year Group Activity
October of Year 10 All Year 10 students are invited to our Sixth Form Open Evening which offers an opportunity to speak with subject and pastoral staff.
March-June of Year 10 The Head of Sixth Form holds individual meetings with all girls in Year 10 to begin to discuss their A level options.
June of Year 10 In June of Year 10 we host a Sixth Form Taster Day for our own and external students to explore A level subjects which aren’t available at GCSE. This day also offers an opportunity to explore the richness of ‘life in the sixth form’
October of Year 11 All Year 11 students are invited to our Sixth Form Open Evening which offers an opportunity for more focussed conversations with subject and pastoral staff.
October-December of Year 11 The Headmistress meets individually with all Year 11 students to discuss A level options
January of Year 11 In January of Year 11 we host a Sixth Form Taster Day for our own students where they sit in lessons of subjects they are planning on studying for A level.
March of Year 11 Year 11 confirm their A level options. Our Head of Sixth Form hosts ‘drop in’ meetings to support anyone who is agonising over subject choice.
GCSE results Day Senior Staff are available to confirm subject options and offer individual advice in the light of examination results.