Breakfast Club

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Morning routine

Many girls enter independently and put their things away but we have an open door policy and parents are welcome to come and help their children find their name for the self-register and put their coats away. Nursery’s lending library is by our door and parents are welcome to spend a few minutes choosing a book with their daughter.


Nursery opens at 8:20
and girls arrive before 8:40am




Carpet time

We talk about what activities we have in the classroom each day and any special crafts the girls are doing. This is the time of day we will have an input on phonics, mathematics or current world events. It is also a time for show and tell, discussing our topic and celebrations like our birthday crown and song. We are often visited by special friends like patch our dog puppet and number bear as they help us with our learning.


Snack time and
outside play

Independent Learning

In Nursery and Reception we cover the seven areas of learning: communication and language, literacy, mathematics, expressive arts and design, personal social and emotional, physical development, understanding of the world. We have zones in the classroom dedicated to each of these learning areas, the girls can also access their own activities as they use picture labelling to find the resources they would like to use.


Small groups and individual teaching

Phonics, maths, guided reading, individual reading or tricky words practice. All our individual and small group work is tailored to the current level of each individual girl.Our staff know each girl and what her next step is so each activity helps to move her on.


Clubs or time in the playground



Colourful vegetarian lasagne, roast chicken with all the trimmings, warming tomato soup or maybe just a simple jacket with beans. Our catering team serve up a range of options for staff and girls every day and cater for all dietary requirements. Fresh fruit, vegetarian jelly and yogurt are always available alongside the dessert of the day. Staff favourite is Apple Crumple Monday!


Afternoon registration


Tidy up time


Forest School

Our extensive grounds and woodland setting allows us to provide an outstanding outdoor learning experience, using tools and natural resources to bring learning to life!


End of the day for Nursery

Girls show work they are proud of to their parents when they arrive and parents can check in with staff


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