I am extremely proud to be leading this school, with its impressive history and its reputation for providing outstanding education for girls.

In 1874, our founding headmistress, the formidable suffragette, Dorinda Neligan, set up a school for girls in Croydon, the first in the area. On their way to their first GDST prizegiving, she famously grabbed some ivy from the school grounds and asked the girls to wear it in their hair to help them stand out as Croydon High girls. To this day, the ivy symbolises our desire to celebrate each girl’s successes and to help her stand out confidently and distinctively.

Building on the strong foundations of the school’s history, our girls embrace challenge and opportunity and their remarkable talents and aspirations inspire the whole community, making this a truly exceptional place to work and learn.

The combination of impressive facilities, stunning and extensive grounds and a passionate and dedicated teaching staff, supported by a strong leadership team, guarantees the girls’ success and enjoyment in their endeavours. Every girl is understood for the person she is and will become. She is supported through her challenges, and her accomplishments are celebrated.

Our girls are what makes our school community unique. The emphasis on academic progress and an innovative and creative curriculum, blended with breadth of experience and exceptional pastoral care, equips them to go on and fulfil what they have set their hearts on.

Please get in touch and come and visit us; our girls would love to tell you more about their school and all they aim to achieve here. Please contact our Admissions Team who will be delighted to arrange this for you.

We look forward to meeting you.

Mrs Emma Pattison
Headmistress, Croydon High School

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