Bring Your Own Device | Croydon High School

BYOD is an initiative which allows all pupils to bring their own devices from home for use in the classroom.

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Croydon High has long embraced the use of technology in the classroom as a tool to enhance learning. By enabling students to use their own devices, we are allowing them to benefit from the familiarity they will inevitably have with that specific device and the ability to move seamlessly from school to homework.

Devices are used by pupils when teachers judge that the requirements of learning warrant it.

Technology can obviously be part of an excellent lesson, but a lesson is not made excellent only by the use of technology alone.
What does make a lesson excellent, is the ability to collaborate, demonstrate, fact check and research all of which can play a large or a small part of any lesson.
Once used, laptops can be closed, devices put away; and technology does not need to take over the lesson.

BYOD undoubtedly saves paper and printing resources and as an eco-friendly school we are especially sensitive to such measures.

However, it is not our intention to completely replace exercise books or stop pupils writing by hand, which is so important for all sorts of reasons, not least because our public examination system requires pupils to complete examinations by hand.

Security and Safeguarding

We take the responsibility of introducing this technology into our pupils’ homes seriously. We work with Digital Awareness UK to deliver excellent Wellbeing and Citizenship lessons on all things digital.

We constantly address not only the critical aspects of e-safety but also topics such as screen time, managing the pressures of social media in terms of body image, perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, and so on. We believe that education on these and other issues is of paramount importance.

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