Progression and Futures – a unique approach to Careers Education and Guidance at Croydon High – with a focus on the Sixth Form

Careers Education and guidance has always been a cornerstone of the Croydon High Sixth Form experience and is something we are very proud of. We devote a great deal of time and energy to ensure that each girl is given the knowledge, confidence and time to make informed choices about her options and her future.

We are committed to enabling each student to recognise their individual dreams, to nurturing ambition and to providing access to the very best resources on the path to career success.

We fully recognise that the world of work is changing very quickly and in some cases, fundamentally. Dr P Lakha-Kassam, Head of Progression and Futures, together with our Sixth Form team and GDST colleagues, is developing an innovative and bespoke offering for the whole school, with the Sixth Form central to our vision. This includes one to one careers mentoring as part of our Pathways programme.

The GDST – a powerful network

Every Croydon High student remains a member of the Girls’ Day School Trust for life, as part of the Alumnae Network which is the largest female alumnae group in the country with more than 75,000 members.

This impressive group of women, along with current and ex-parents and friends of the school, means that our students can seek unparalleled advice from a diverse range of professionals who share the common bond of the GDST.

An example of the spirit of support available can be clearly seen in the video below, featuring young  GDST alumnae talking about their experience of Sixth Form

There are several platforms where students can gain direct access to our alumnae:

  • GDST Life offers students the opportunity to connect with alumnae working in fields in which they are interested and there are a number of career-specific groups on the platform.
  • Rungway gives students the opportunity to ask questions more informally and receive an answer directly from an alumna with relevant experience.
  • We also benefit hugely from the Ivy Link, our own network of Croydon High alumnae, who are particularly committed to supporting students at ‘their school’ through mentoring advice and work experience.
  • Through these networks our students are really able to “be who they see”.

In addition, our students join the GDST-wide Limitless Learning Programme, devised by our prior Head, Emma Pattison as a response to the challenges faced by Upper Sixth students in 2020, when faced with the cancellation of their A levels. It was so successful that the programme has now been developed in to an on-going programme, which harnesses the power of the GDST network and uses virtual platforms to connect pupils, teachers, alumnae and friends of the GDST to deliver bespoke enrichment initiatives for GDST pupils.

Please download the Progressions and Futures brochure below to find out more about the exciting programme of support available in the Sixth Form at Croydon High.

If you would like to offer your expertise to support Croydon High students in achieving their goals, please sign up as a Pathways Career Professional. You can find further information about Pathways, and what is involved in supporting the programmes in the Progression and Futures brochure, or by emailing

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