Croydon High School benefits from a fantastic Parent Teacher Association. Not only do they know how to put on a good show, or several, each year, but they can be relied upon for news and views from the parent body.

We welcome feedback and enjoy an open dialogue with parents all year round, not just at Parents’ Evenings.

At a more personal level, we contact parents frequently on individual issues concerning their daughter.  We believe early communication to be helpful.

Often, those at home can shed light on something noticed at school (or vice versa) and one or the other can make small adjustments to ensure every girl is getting the best out of her Croydon High education.

A congratulatory postcard on the doormat once in a while is our way of making sure that girls are telling their parents what an amazing job they did in their chosen pursuit.

Generally speaking, parents receive a weekly email with relevant letters and information.

All this information is also available in app form, targeted to each individual girl, along with other information such as reports and grades.

NewsLinks – our whole-school newsletter is also sent electronically each week, allowing parents to browse through all the goings-on in school and to anticipate the sort of opportunities which might be in store as their daughter (inevitably) grows up.


Please watch this video, which sums up some of our parent’s comments on “Guided Home Learning” during the first national lockdown.