Aims and Philosophy - Croydon High School

Visitors are always – without fail – impressed by every girl they meet. From the youngest to the oldest, they present themselves as outstanding ambassadors for the school in whatever situation they find themselves.

  • This simply means we aim to ensure that every girl enjoys the very best learning experience possible every day.

    It means that we take the time to get to know every girl, as a person, as a learner, as a performer, or a sportswoman and we recognise her individual potential.

    It means we learn how to offer her the right level of challenge in a way that builds excitement and her confidence because she knows she will always be supported and understood.

  • At every stage, girls celebrate their successes and those of their peers.  Academic results are outstanding.  The community is strongly supportive and girls’ happiness is paramount.

    Enrichment opportunities are extensive for everyone with our elite performers modelling excellence for their peers.

  • The Croydon High learning experience is characterised by academic adventure, wide ranging opportunities to excel, a balance between challenge and individual support and a passionate and dedicated staff for whom the girls are always the first priority.

    Enrichment opportunities are extensive for everyone with our elite performers modelling excellence for their peers.

    The girls who leave Croydon High School are remarkable; they are typically confident and engaged in school life and are compassionate and ambitious individuals.

  • Our new Enterprise Technology curriculum is an example of this unique and innovative approach which ensures key computer science skills are applied within the context of collaborative working across all subjects.

    Building enjoyment and engagement instils a love of learning throughout the years, which ensures that when examinations come, they are seen for what they are; extremely important but not all-defining.

“It was a gift to watch my two girls grow from wide-eye Reception and Year 3 entry to confident yet compassionate young adults. School and family are always a partnership of course, but the role that Croydon High has played in developing their self-belief, their willingness to push their own boundaries and their own concern to be the best version of themselves they can be cannot be over-stated. They loved their school (still do) and it continues to act as the foundation stone on which all their current endeavours are built.”

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