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Celebrating Year 11

We wanted to take the opportunity to recognise the achievements of our outstanding Year 11 pupils as they prepare to leave the senior school and move on to sixth form, where so many opportunities await them.

They have been a wonderfully cohesive cohort, who share some fabulous memories of the last five years. They have encouraged and supported one another and we know they will continue to do so in the future.

⦁ They celebrated the end of this chapter with a very happy Year 11 Ball where they all looked fabulous and where there was lots of fun and laughter – aimed particularly at the teachers’ dance moves!
⦁ They were also rightly celebrated at the PE Department’s Sports Presentation Awards, where a number of Y11 pupils received their sports colours. A very special occasion for a very talented year group.
⦁ Their Sixth Form induction day on Friday 1 July, gave them a real feeling of anticipation for what lies ahead and again, there was a lovely atmosphere in the Sixth Form centre.
⦁ And finally, although we had already waved them goodbye, a number of these fantastic pupils were back in school this week to help out with the production of Matilda and with Sports Day. Thank you, your efforts were much appreciated.

On behalf of all their teachers, their Head of Year, Mr Cordes, and the whole Croydon High community, we wish them a wonderful summer and the brightest of bright futures.

Mrs Cook

Director of Philanthropy and External Relations


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