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Amnesty International Fundraising Event

Since the beginning of this academic year, the Amnesty International Group has focused on the rights of girls in Afghanistan who cannot gain access to education and the plight of young refugees arriving in Britain. To raise awareness of this situation, we have started connecting with a local charity called Young Roots. We gave a whole-school assembly about Afghanistan’s current situation and organised a fundraiser to help support these causes.

Just before half term, some members of Young Roots came to give a talk to our Amnesty Group. Young Roots charity works to boost the confidence of all young refugees and asylum seekers arriving in London. They aim to improve the wellbeing support and opportunities for such people and help them settle into a new life, often away from family and friends. Young Roots supports children aged 11 to 25 by organising youth clubs, running trips and activities, and providing help on legal matters. Despina, who works for Young Roots, said she felt happy when she saw someone she had helped become independent. Everyone enjoyed the visit, and we learnt a lot from it; I (and the rest of the Amnesty Group) hope to work more with Young Roots in the future, especially their Girls’ Group.
Building on this, we also spread the message through a striking poster campaign, our assembly and fundraiser, which raised over £400 in one lunchtime. It was enjoyable, with a raffle, guess-how-many-sweets-there-are-in-the-jar competition, decorating a tote bag stall and, of course, cookies and tattoos (temporary ones!) for sale. It was crowded and lively, and the fact that it was all for other girls our age made me feel very positive for supporting it. Many thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. Overall it was enjoyable, and we hope to do similar events in the future.

Arwa K, Yr 7 (+ Mrs Tooke + the Amnesty Group)

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