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Art & 3D Design Back in the Classroom

The Art and 3D Design Department have had a fabulous start to the term, with Year 7 artists creating expressive drawings using lots of new skills – including drawing with their eyes shut! Year 8 have been enjoying our beautiful grounds practising their landscape drawing, while Year 9 have started their climate change project, learning about typography. Year 10 are creating expressive self-portraits.

In 3D Design, Year 8 have been improving their architecture design skills by screwing up paper and drawing it for inspiration, as well as cutting up a circle and creating a building with it. Year 7 have been learning all about one-point perspective while researching contemporary chair designers including Yinka Liori and Jay Blades. Upper Sixth A-level students have been re-designing old furniture in their recycle, reduce and reuse project.

We are truly amazed by the work so far and we are only three weeks into the academic year!

Mrs Elizabeth Smith

Head of Art and 3D Design


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