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Pride Month

Pride has been celebrated at Croydon High School for the past few years and 2020 is no exception. Pride reminds us to celebrate the rich diversity of our world and has historically given LGBTQ+ people a platform from which they can draw attention to the challenges faced by their community. During Pride, LGBTQ+ people invite those who support their community, known as “allies”, to celebrate with them and amplify their voice even louder! This June our staff and prefects have been reflecting on Pride and what it means to them in this video.

In June 2020, with the current conversations we are having surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, it seems that the message of Pride is all the more resonant. A message of celebrating one’s uniqueness, of demanding equal respect, of listening to the lived experiences of others, and of supporting a community, even if you are not personally a part of it.

A very happy Pride to our entire school community.

Mr Jake Thorpe

Teacher of History

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