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Week 5 of Guided Home Learning

Art Department

Year 7 pupils were asked to design a chair inspired by three of their favourite chair designs that they had researched in their previous lesson.

Year 8 pupils were tasked with upcycling materials into jewellery. Anisha used Nespresso capsules! Here are their sketchbooks outlining their plans.

Spanish Department

Mrs Diez asked her Year 11 pupils to make tortillas at home! The results looked delicious.

English Department

Year 9 are charting their unique Covid-19 experiences through poems, responding to Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Hands’.

French Department

This week, it was Year 7’s turn to have a French homework that took them away from screens. They have been learning the vocabulary for places in town and how to ask for directions. They invented their own town, designed a map, and wrote a little dialogue with a lost person asking for directions. They really exceeded my expectations and produced some amazing work. Great creativity and great French…. Well done, girls!

Year 11 and Upper Sixth’s last French lesson went very well. The girls were sent some French recipes over the weekend to try at home and baked a French cake.

They enjoyed a nice chat, with a cup of tea and a piece of cake, all while discovering typical French cakes.


Year 6 programmed some incredible Earth Day Google Doodles in Scratch! Here are some examples of their animations. The animations have been an impressive showcase of their creativity and programming skills.