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New Views

Selected students from Years 10 and 12 didn’t let lockdown stop them submitting their final plays for the national New Views script-writing competition run by the National Theatre this week.

Cindy, Erna, Megan, Alice, Sophie, Shermya, and Tasia-Jade have been working hard to take part in the script-writing programme led by Mrs Morgan-Collins since last October. The programme included a trip to see a live production at the National Theatre, a writing workshop, and one-to-one feedback from visiting professional playwright Andrew Muir. Mr Muir praised the students’ creativity this week by writing to the school: “Can I just say, it was a pleasure meeting you all, and even more of a pleasure to read so many new voices with so many new views on our world. I have loved the opportunity they have given me to get a glimpse into their quite brilliant imaginations!”

Our student-writers have been reflecting on the programme:

“New Views gave me my confidence in writing back; it gave me that boost I needed to become passionate about it again and now I know I won’t stop.” (Erna, year 10)

“Because of New Views I have found confidence in my writing that I never knew I had before.” (Shermya, Year 12)

“I really enjoyed taking part in New Views because it gave me the opportunity to express my own thoughts and creative ideas in any way I wanted to. Being a big fan of theatre and drama anyway, I found this a perfect way to explore new areas of the industry and discover new ways of expressing myself through it, not just acting. I also enjoyed receiving feedback from a writer which was really useful and exciting whilst writing my own play.” (Alice, Year 12)

“I loved the fact I got to explore a topic of personal interest creatively.” (Tasia-Jade, Year 12)

“I received during this writing process an abundance of skills. In particular, I learnt to write – as cheesy as it sounds – for the passion you have for your story and not for a deadline. I learnt that the scriptwriting process is not as straightforward as sitting at a desk and writing; the first draft of my play was derived from a lot of patience. I’d recommend this competition to anyone who is eager in drama, but also those who are eager to tell their own stories!” (Megan, Year 12.)

Each 30-minute play will now be entered into the nationwide competition. One winner will have their play produced at the National Theatre with a professional cast and crew, alongside rehearsed readings of the shortlisted plays. Good luck and well done student-writers!

Ms Leanne Morgan-Collins

Teacher of Drama and Theatre Studies