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Martha Silcott CEO and Inventor of FabLittleBag™ visits the Lower Sixth Pathways Session

On Wednesday 4th December, Lower Sixth was given the opportunity to receive a presentation led by Martha Silcott, entrepreneur and CEO Inventor of FabLittleBag™. This occurred as part of our Pathways Mentoring Programme, which helps us prepare for the World of Work. Usually, we are in career pathways groups, for example, Law, Creative or STEM careers. However, on this occasion, we met together to hear about entrepreneurship. To describe the hour, we spent with her as inspiring would certainly be an understatement. The session entailed her speaking to us about her professional journey and the inspiration behind her product. The ability to receive an insight into the world of entrepreneurship and self-management from the perspective of a woman, in a male dominated industry, was extremely impactful. She encouraged all of us to develop a mental attitude of entrepreneurship even if we do not want to own our business. Hearing about the blockades Martha experienced whilst pursuing her dream, including rejection from top companies, showed how persistence and perseverance inevitably result in success. Despite outlining the trials and obstacles which will undoubtedly face any budding business person, it was empowering to hear her words of encouragement, optimism and resilience. The knowledge that rigour and passion are essential attributes we will need, regardless of the industry we decide to enter, is a motto that will surely serve us well into the future. Overall, the experience was very gratifying and enabled me, and I am sure all of my year group, to feel inspired to pursue our dreams, embracing the challenges we will face along the way.

Tasia-Jade Lower Sixth

Martha Silcott meets the Croydon High Eco Committee.
Martha also spoke to the Eco-Committee during lunch. She spoke passionately about ways in which we can help to save the planet. She compared the production and recycling of plastic and paper and stressed the need to understand all the facts not just the ones highlighted by the media. Our girls were inspired to consider new and innovative ways to dispose of their waste and her talk provided much food for thought. Jasmine Y11 and Ruby Y7 were so impressed they stayed behind to continue their discussion, ask more questions and have their picture taken. We most certainly have students who a pro-active in saving the planet and their future.

Mrs Gower

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