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Oxbridge Talks

On Monday afternoon, a group of Year 9 and Year 10’s were treated to a talk by Class of 2016 alumni Honor Clapp and Hannah Lipczynski who unravelled the mysteries of life and study at two of the country’s most prestigious universities. Honor has just graduated from Cambridge with a degree in Philosophy, while Hannah has one year to go to finish her degree in English at Oxford.

After a discussion led by Dr Purvis, we had a question and answer session that helped us understand what it is like to study at Oxbridge, the independent learning required and some of the aspects of preparation necessary to face up to the daunting interview and admissions process.

We all came away intrigued by the possibility of studying at Oxbridge. It was particularly inspiring to see real Croydon High students who have made it there, prompting us all to imagine where we could be heading in three or four years’ time.

Thanks to Dr Purvis and Mr Calderwood for hosting and organising the talk.

Rosemary and Francesca, Year 10