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Y10 Geography Field Trip

On Wednesday 5th June a group of Year 10 Geographers spent the day in the Stratford area of east London considering the impact of the urban regeneration that occurred in preparation for, and subsequent to, the London Olympics of 2012. The day’s activities presented an excellent opportunity for the girls to consolidate their understanding of the nature of urban challenges concerning the economic, social and environmental sustainability of modern cities as well as providing an excellent fieldwork investigation to help with their Paper 3 (Geographical Applications) preparation.

The girls engaged in a wide variety of primary data collection techniques including pedestrian flow measurements, environmental quality assessments, land use evaluations and questionnaire surveys. It can be quite daunting approaching members of the public to gather data but all the girls plucked up the courage to do so and, as a consequence, much valuable data was collected that will form the basis for analysis and evaluation back in the classroom.

An afternoon tour of the Olympic Park to look particularly at the environmental sustainability of developments such as the East Village gave the girls the opportunity to observe this city landscape with a critical eye and evaluate its development and the impact this has had locally, regionally and at a larger scale. The question was raised about how socially sustainable a development with £600,000 two bedroom flats can really be!

A great day was had by all with all the pupils gaining valuable insights into the way in which geographical investigation can shed new light on important issues that face our city.

Mr Pickering

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