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Angel Grove Sustainable City

Physics & Geography Cross-Curricular Project

Angel Grove Sustainable City

On Wednesday, Year 7 astonished us all with their brilliantly detailed sustainable city models. As the girls arrived at school they delivered their models to the hall and created the most amazing display.

They had been asked to apply their geography knowledge of city land use and regeneration with their learning in Physics on renewable energy to create a city which was geographically plausible, sustainable and which utilised renewable energies.

Angel Grove is an old mining town in California. Now that the quarry has closed, there are very few jobs. Donald Trump has put you in charge of turning the failing town into a prosperous city. However, Democrat governor Jerry Brown insists that the development must be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

The only way to satisfy both politicians is to plan and build a model of the city that Angel Grove could become, considering the issues below:

Energy resources              Housing                   Employment

Transport                          Social                       Environment

We were astounded by the number of entries and the quality of the projects that were produced. Over lunch Mr Coley, Ms Corner, Mr Robertson and Mr Pickering had the unenviable task of judging.

Congratulations to Zoe in 7R, for being the overall winner, due for the quality of her model, detail and depth of research and explanation. Tallulah, Lucy, Anousha, Emilia, Anaya, Malina, Milly and Holly-Ann were highly commended.

All the above girls have won a lunch time pizza party. Thank you to everyone who took part; it really brightened our day.

Huge amounts of effort must have gone into these models; thank you to all the families who lived with these projects for many weeks on their kitchen tables!



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