Why girls-only?

Empowering girls to break free from gender stereotypes

We encourage unconstrained choices in all areas of subject choice, sports and career paths.

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Empowering girls to break free from gender stereotypes

At Croydon High, every subject is a girls’ subject.

STEM: 50% of our pupils went on to study STEM subjects at university in the last 8 years and 37% Science specifically. Our Astrogazers Club runs from Years 5 – 11 and encourages a passion for Physics and Astronomy. So far girls have worked together to launch 2 weather balloons into space with the University of Bath and are working on their next mission to launch a satellite into space.

Sport: Our girls excel in traditionally male-dominated sports like cricket and football from an early age, with thriving teams and achievements in both Junior and Senior Schools.

Computer Science: We embrace the need for pupils to become problem solvers and show them the opportunities available to them in Computer Science. Last year, all our Upper Sixth pupils chose to continue their studies at university. Many went on to prestigious and male dominated courses at universities such as Manchester and Bath, and it is our hope that they will be part of the movement which addresses the gender imbalance in one of the most important industries involved in shaping the future of our society.

3D Design: Our 3D Design spaces encourage creativity in product design and engineering, with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We know that girls are statistically more likely to apply for courses such as engineering at university if they attended an all girls school.

At Croydon High, girls express their true selves, develop their own identities and attitudes, and build their self-worth independently of gender-related pressures during the crucial formative years.


“Myself and some others pitched to Ms. Davies that we have a Culture Day at school. She remarked on the confidence and passion we showed as part of our pitch, which led to us organising an inclusive celebration of culture across the whole school, which also really developed our confidence.” – Juanita, L6

As a girls-only school, we are able to provide a space that facilitates personal development, fostering confidence, resilience, and a strong sense of self.

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Developing Confidence

Research backed: Dr. Kevin Stannard’s (Director of Education at the GDST) research shows that girls’ confidence begins to decrease around the age of 8, only rebounding from the age of 18 onwards. We create an empowering environment where girls can be themselves without fear of failure.

Resilience: We hold an annual Resilience Day aimed at developing and building their overall resilience, particularly when dealing with friendship and conflict.

Leadership coaching: Sixth Form students receive leadership coaching covering event planning, emotional regulation, conflict management, how to have effective coaching conversations, prioritising and organising and running meetings

Leadership opportunities: This starts from Early Years in the Junior school where girls can lead as Form Captains, House Captains, Prefects, and club/society organisers. Our pupils are given varied opportunities to apply for positions of responsibility, audition for roles in productions and try out for sport and academic teams. We prepare them for challenges like university applications by fostering a culture where taking professional risks is encouraged.

Diversity & Inclusion: We hold an annual Culture Day in the Junior school and Senior School every year. We have a number of Equality, Diversity and Action groups, including the African-Carribean Society, the South Asian Society, South East Asian Society and LGBTQ+ which helps girls to express and explore.

Wellbeing: As per our mantra, Every Girl, Every Day, pastoral care is not a one size fits all approach. We know that all girls are different and we have dedicated wellbeing hubs in the Senior and Junior schools.


We are proud of our Croydon High community where our girls empower and inspire each other, celebrating each other’s achievements and making change in the school.

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Celebrating Achievement

Assemblies: Celebration assemblies take place weekly in the junior school and termly in the senior school where we come together as a school community to celebrate each others’ achievements. These include academic, creative, co-curricular (Alis Propriis Volat – She Flies with her Own Wings) and sporting achievements, as well as Head of Year Heroes and our May Her Character and Talents Inspire Others awards for showing leadership, kindness, resilience and character

Head Girl shout outs happen weekly at the end of Monday assemblies. These are both staff and pupil nominations to instill a sense of pride in our school community.

Sense of sisterhood and wanting to lift each other up – fortnightly House Assemblies are often run by Upper Sixth House Captains – these pupils regularly recognise and celebrate their younger peers in contributions to House activities. The Senior School House Captains also regularly visit the junior school to support the Junior House Captains.

“The greatest gift of a girl’s education is the confidence to simply be yourself and know that by doing so, you can accomplish anything. I often reflect on the fact that nearly everyone in my CHS friends group went on to have varied professions – whether scientific, legal, mathematical, teaching, sporty, creative, in the arts, or in my case in finance. No two journeys are the same – testament to the ‘transformative power of girls’ education.” – Mona (Parent and Alumna)

Tailored Educational

At Croydon High, we are a girls' school by design. We are intentional about creating an environment with girls in mind and where we know they will thrive.

We adapt our approach to suit the unique needs and preferences of girls - from how we teach in the classroom to the curricular and co-curricular offer, teaching and learning approaches, and in our whole-school culture

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Tailored Educational Environment

Girls School by Design: A girls’ school provides a tailored environment crucial for girls’ development, where teachers specialise in effective teaching methods for girls’ learning styles.

Focused attention: Even in a class evenly split between boys and girls, our research shows that boys tend to receive more than 50% of the teacher’s attention due to increased participation. Girls often fear appearing foolish in front of boys, leading them to modify their behaviour to their own detriment.

Adapting our teaching methods: We adapt our teaching methods to cater to girls’ preferences for cooperative, discursive learning environments, coursework tasks, and collaborative, project-based activities. Our classrooms foster a culture of risk-taking and resilience, empowering young women to confidently navigate challenges, ask questions, and learn from mistakes.

Our mantra and ethos: Our ‘Every girl, every day’ mantra ensures consideration of girls’ experiences in every lesson or activity.

Female role models: We tailor our curriculums and topics to demonstrate successful females in different fields and have many successful alumnae that we spotlight every week in our newsletter.

Events: Tailored events like the Chrystall Prize debating competition, Scholars’ Evenings, and Young Enterprise events empower girls to showcase their talents and engage fully in their learning, free from external perceptions.


Our girls-only education from the age of 3 to 18 offers a safe space during crucial developmental years and our results continue to be amongst the highest in the country

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Academic Success

Results: Girls’ schools excel academically, topping UK league tables with outstanding exam results. At Croydon High, approximately half of all A-level results are A* or A, and our GCSE grades surpass the national average by over 4.5 times. (12% Grade 8-9 versus 56% at Croydon High)

Essential Skills: There’s so much more to a great education than just exam results. And certainly, top universities are looking for students who have a broader skill set and experience beyond the classroom. Girls from Croydon High get into top Russell Group universities, and an education from a school like ours helps girls get ahead once they are there.

Opportunities: Our girls have double the opportunities available to them, spanning leadership, drama, sports, music, public speaking, and various other fields.

Leadership opportunities: Every pupil leadership role is held by a girl, fostering confidence and expression without concerns about stereotypes.

“I find an all girls environment empowering and comforting. Empowering – because I know that we are a select group of amazing women who have incredible minds and we’re all together. Comforting – because I know that we are all going through the same or similar things in our lives… I want to be either a lawyer, paediatrician or children’s psychologist and I think being in an all girls school is definitely helping me reach those goals.” – Freya, Y8


“There are no barriers, I want to go into finance which is a very male-dominated field, I feel like in this environment I have been pushed to achieve whatever I want, I now feel empowered to make a difference.” – Izzy, Y11

Our research shows that our girls go on to choose more diverse, subjects, experience higher academic achievement and enhanced career progression from being in a girls-only environment

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Career Progression

Range of degrees: In 2023 the most popular degree subjects among Croydon High students were Medicine and Psychology, both accounting for 13% of the student interest. Economics and Politics followed closely behind, with 9% each.

STEM success: In the last 8 years, 50% of our girls go on to do STEM related subjects at university.

University selection: Confidence and leadership qualities, alongside a robust foundation in academic knowledge and understanding, are amongst the key attributes that top-ranking universities and employers seek in candidates.

Co-curricular opportunities: At Croydon High, girls explore adventure and self-sufficiency through diverse co-curricular activities. From expeditions at home and abroad to competitions in creative writing, maths, astronomy, and engineering, they develop creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, volunteering in the community and leading school enterprises enhances their employability skills.

Alumnae achievements: We have a history of incredible alumnae at this school and our Ivy Link and GDST networks ensure that we have strong mentors, role models and connections for our girls in a diverse and broad range of fields. Just read our weekly Alumnae Spotlight for inspiration!

Shape Your Daughter’s Future at Croydon High School

At Croydon High School, we adopt the Every Girl, Every Day mantra, meaning that we aim to ensure that each student has the best learning experience every day, tailored specifically to the requirements and preferences of young girls.

The Croydon High community spirit is founded on mutual respect, allowing every girl to express her true self. Our School Values of Empowerment, Aspiration, Kindness and Pride are evident in all the accomplishments and actions of our students.

We understand and respect that each girl is unique and, whatever their goals and ambitions for the future, they have the resources and opportunities they need to aspire without limits and succeed in their chosen field.

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