GCSE Results 2023 | Croydon High School

Croydon High celebrates the inspiring achievements of their aspirational GCSE pupils

46% of GCSE students awarded straight Grades 7-9

55% of grades awarded are the highest Grades 8-9

77% of grades awarded are Grades 7-9

Croydon High School has confirmed its commitment to encouraging every pupil to work hard and to aim high, announcing excellent GCSE results for the 2023 cohort.

Interestingly, this GCSE cohort has doubled in size over the last four years and the school is delighted to report that academic rigour combined with a personalised approach is certainly being sustained as the school continues to grow.

Head Annabel Davies said  “We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating the individual journeys of these impressive young women, as well as the GCSE results they have achieved.  We recognise their hard work, dedication and focus and we know that each of them will be determined to build on these strengths as they go forward.

I would also like to publicly recognise all the staff here at Croydon High for their unrelenting support of each and every girl, every day. Our school is growing in every sense and I am so proud of the relationships forged between pupils and staff, which make it such an inspiring environment in which to work and learn.” 

The range of subjects studied at GCSE reflects the diversity of interest which is such a feature of Croydon High life, and the school is particularly proud to recognise the journeys that many of their pupils have been on, bringing them to this point, where they can proudly celebrate these impressive GCSE results.

The majority of pupils at Croydon High take Triple Award Science and here the results are particularly strong, with 88% of pupils awarded Grades 7-9 (A*/A in the old currency) in Biology and Chemistry and 89% awarded Grades 7-9 in Physics. English Literature grades were exceptional – 93% of all pupils achieved Grades 7-9 and in Latin this figure was an outstanding 100%.

For a school that is renowned for its sporting achievements, it is pleasing to see that 82% of pupils sitting PE GCSE were awarded the top Grades 7-9.

With so many stories to tell and limited space here, it is of course appropriate for the school to particularly acknowledge those pupils who have achieved the highest grades, whilst recognising that individual achievements come in many forms.

Huge congratulations go to Malina, Tara and Ananya who have all been awarded straight Grade 9s across all subjects. All three are outstanding students and over the last five years have also contributed a great deal to the life of the school in terms of their academic and co-curricular endeavours. 

Malina is looking forward to studying German, French, Politics and English Literature in the Sixth Form at Croydon High with a view to applying to Oxbridge for languages and then go on to a career in Diplomacy and International Relations. That is the long term plan – but today she plans to go and see the Barbie film and then perhaps enjoy some of the ‘deals’ restaurants are offering to those celebrating GCSE results! 

Malina said “I am so excited to be joining the Sixth Form at Croydon High and look forward to putting all  my energy into studying the subjects I love.

Proud mum, Mrs Majewska was quick to praise her daughter’s work ethic but also to credit the school with everything they have done to support her to get the best possible results. “With all the speculation in the media about grade boundaries and so on, I must admit to feeling a little apprehensive. But Malina reminded me of how much trust she has in her teachers and the school and in the way they have prepared their students – and of course, she was right! We are very proud and very appreciative”.

In addition, Croydon High is exceptionally proud to acknowledge those pupils who have achieved straight 8 or 9 Grades across all subjects. Hannah, Afra, Milly, Gisela, Isla, Anaya, Lucy R, Anisha and Prakruti are all to be congratulated wholeheartedly for their efforts and for these impressive results.

Isla has been a lead member of the Croydon High Astrogazers Club who planned and implemented the exciting launch of a weather balloon into space last year. Isla clearly relished this opportunity and is looking forward to embracing all that Croydon High’s Sixth Form has to offer. She plans to study Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry and Maths for A Level and is considering going on to read Medicine. 

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