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Year 5 dance troupe

December 1, 2023

On Sunday 26 November, Delilah, Sanaa, India and Sophia H from Year 5, performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End. The dance troupe have been rigorously rehearsing July culminating in a 7-minute dance troupe performance in which they were wonderfully slick, and the girls didn’t drop a beat! They were the youngest group there and they got the biggest cheer.

The show was a collaborative effort from troupes around the UK. The Croydon High girls are part of Stagecoach Croydon and they had to audition to be part of the smaller troupe. The girls had the piece choreographed for them, but they were able to give their input when it came to deciding which poses they could perform. The dance was in a street dance style, and it was to the music of the Disney films, Descendants.

Well done girls – you were phenomenal!

Mrs Sarah Newlands
Junior School Teacher