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Year 10 take centre stage at Rada Studio Theatre

Our Year 10 GCSE Drama pupils performed ‘Othello’ at Rada Studio Theatre as part of the world famous Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival 2023. Their interpretation of the Shakespearean tragedy was a modern tale of warfare, love, jealousy, murder and grief. Using dramatic techniques such as ensemble work, multi-role, physical theatre and symbolism. We are incredibly proud of all their hard work in this wonderful production.

“The entire experience from the beginning was very fun. From auditions to rehearsals and piecing together a puzzle to produce the final outcome on Thursday night was amazing. As a company, we worked hard and it thoroughly paid off and thank you to everyone that made this and experience that we’ll never forget!”
Ava G

“I have enjoyed every single step of our journey into performing Othello. I have learnt countless skills such as teamwork and how to improve myself as an actor. If I had to choose one thing that I enjoyed most, it would probably be the whole process of putting the show together as it was amazing working with everyone and putting together a truly amazing performance.”
Vanessa B

“I have really enjoyed working with everyone as a cast to make Othello as great as we could. I have learnt many things like: how important it is to act even when you don’t have a line, to move downstage, to make entrances and exits as smooth as possible and how important it is to change how your character acts around other characters.”
Emily R

“Working on Othello has been an amazing journey and an unforgettable experience for me. From learning new abstract theatre techniques and expressing Shakespeare’s tragedy in a modern style to our first full rehearsal as a company and a great performance. It has given me a new confidence which helped me connect with my character and all the hard work we put in made our piece so unique and powerful.”
Poppy K

“I loved working on Othello as I gained so many new skills such as how to deepen my understanding of the character and how I can portray that on the stage. It also made me aware of things such as bringing my performance downstage and considering the proxemics to enhance the performance. Overall, I would definitely like to do this type of experience again as it helped me to gain more confidence and I loved working as one big team.”
Anjali B

Photos of dress rehearsal by Megan Blake Photography

Mrs Morgan-Collins
Head of Drama

Miss Phoebe Simmonds
Teacher of Drama & English