If someone had told our Reception teacher, Mr Eaton, that he would have to become reliant on technology to teach his notoriously interactive classes, we suspect he might have had something to say about it! But just as he always does, he has risen to the challenge and is delivering engaging, fun and effective teaching to his classes – with support from his trusty sidekick, Mabel the teddy bear, of course.

Here are some examples of Guided Home Learning in Reception at Croydon High Juniors



Meanwhile, Mrs D’Aranjo, our other Reception Class teacher, is bringing her personal touch to the teaching of phonics, keeping the girls on track with their reading and writing in a way that’s easy for them to engage with and which requires very little assistance from parents.

Watch Mrs D’Aranjo’s “air” Video

And the girls are responding so well – uploading photos and videos of their work and their activities every day for Mr Eaton and Mrs D’Aranjo to see and comment on and ensuring that all-important teacher-pupil relationship stays strong and visible.

Bravo Mr Eaton, Mrs D’Aranjo (and Mabel of course).