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Girls First: Empowering Girls Through Education

March 11, 2024

On Tuesday evening, we welcomed parents to our Senior Hall for a thought-provoking event, ‘Girls First,’ which provided a profound exploration into the strengths and benefits of a tailored education for girls.

Dr. Kevin Stannard, Director of Education and Innovation at the GDST, delivered an engaging presentation that illuminated the transformative impact of girls’ education. One notable highlight was the compelling data surrounding girls’ confidence, particularly in co-ed schools versus GDST girls.

Key findings from the presentation included:

  • At age 9, 35% of girls feel negatively about the future, compared to 20% of boys, and only 5% of GDST girls.
  • At age 9, 37% of girls avoid certain activities or subjects because of their gender, versus 31% of boys, but only 6% of GDST girls.

These results underscore the profound benefits of a girls-only environment for nurturing girls’ confidence and self-esteem.

Furthermore, we’re pleased to inform you that the event was recorded, and we will share the recording with you once it’s ready. Additionally, we invite you to explore our new ‘Why choose girls-only?’ page summarising why we believe a girls-only education is best for your daughter, along with a link to the GDST Girls’ Futures Report for further reading.

We hope you find this information beneficial and empowering. Our commitment to providing an enriching and supportive environment for your daughters remains our priority.

Huge thanks to our Upper Sixth pupils, Juanita and Sophia, for their outstanding speeches and contributions, to Dr Kevin Stannard for his time and expertise and to Miss Howie and Ms Davies for their invaluable contributions to the panel discussion.

Mrs Katy Lee
Marketing and Communications Manager