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Reception Greener and Cleaner Workshop

February 23, 2024

Reception were treated to a workshop by Mrs Bird as part of her role working for Greener and Cleaner. Greener and Cleaner is a Bromley-based charity that aims to inspire people to have a green living lifestyle and to embed sustainability into their everyday lives. In this workshop, Mrs Bird introduced Reception class to some of her animal ‘friends’ and the girls then identified the ‘friends’ that were native to England and the UK, and those that are not. The children learnt how to tell the difference between insects and other animals before finding out about bees in more detail. Although initially some of the girls said they were scared of bees, after gaining lots of knowledge about how important they are to humans and the planet, the girls were keen to try to protect them. They created a fantastic array of posters, reminding others to grow wildflowers to help our pollinators. It was great to see how engaged the next generation are in protecting our planet and all within it.

Mrs Emily Wragg
Reception Class Teacher