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Honey & Sugar Get Adopted by Georgina Day

June 16, 2023

We were very excited to welcome alumna and author, Georgina Day, to share her new book, ‘Honey & Sugar Get Adopted’. The children enjoyed asking Georgina questions like:

  • Did you enjoy your time at Croydon High?
  • Where do you like to do your writing?
  • How did Honey and Sugar get their names?
  • What inspires you to write books about animals?

Georgina reminisced about her time at Croydon High, in particular the school’s pet rabbit which was beige coloured with pointy ears. Her inspiration for writing has come from her love for animals as a young child, growing up with many pets in the family, and then going on to adopt ten pets of her own, including rescue rabbits, Honey and Sugar. After the assembly, the girls who had their copy of the book even got a little book signing session from Georgina.