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Sustainable Cities Project

Yet again, Year 7 have proven themselves to be incredibly enthusiastic, creative, intelligent, and resourceful. Well done to every single pupil for entering some great models and VR programmes into the Geography and Physics Departments’ ‘Sustainable Cities’ competition. The standard was exceptionally high this year, which made it very hard to judge.

All the pupils had applied their learning and understanding about urban areas and renewable resources to solve the problems faced in an imaginary, post-industrial town in America. The brief was to design a sustainable city that met the needs of residents in terms of power, transport, jobs, social opportunities, and environment. We were blown away by the ingenuity and application of skills! We had working windmills, mag-lev transport, tidal power schemes, geothermal energy plants, waste and composting plants, creative office spaces and housing designs, and so much more. I am reassured that the future of our planet and its cities will be safe in the hands of these amazing budding engineers and policy creators.

Thank you to the year 8 STEM club, Mr Pickering, Mrs Gower, and Mrs Simmonds, who all helped me judge the entries.

Congratulations to our winners:

  • 1st Place – Daisy in 7C (model), Annette in 7C (VR)
  • 2nd Place – Anabella in 7C
  • 3rd Place – Georgia in 7M

Highly commended:

Mia in 7H, Katy in 7K, Hollie in 7H, Emily in 7M, Darcie in 7M, Matilda in 7M, Elizabeth in 7K

Needless to say, thank you to all you fabulous parents for your tireless support and patience as these models took shape and no doubt took over your lives! Mr Coley and I will be presenting these pupils with prizes and organising a small party in school to celebrate.


Ms Helen Corner, Head of Geography