RI Maths Masterclass - Croydon High School

The Mathematics Masterclasses are designed to encourage, inspire and engage young people in the art and practice of mathematics. The highly interactive sessions introduce students to aspects or applications of maths that are not usually covered in the school curriculum. These masterclasses are open to all schools in the boroughs of Croydon and Sutton.

Topics cover a huge range of mathematical ideas, including diverse applications such as art, cryptography, programming, modelling and knot theory.

The Masterclass programme run through the Spring Term with one class running for about two and a half hours. Students are nominated by their schools to attend the whole series, with each session being given by a different speaker on their chosen topic.

Speakers are chosen for their ability to share their insight and enthusiasm for the subject. Students get the opportunity to explore the subject for themselves within each class, either individually or in small groups, with help being on hand if needed.