Croydon High School has a proud tradition of supporting good causes with girls from the Junior school to the Sixth Form working hard to raise awareness and funds for a huge range of charitable concerns. In 2016 we introduced a new initiative called CHS First Give, where all students from year 10 and 11 gave their time, tenacity and talent to improve their local community. The initiative will run every two years.

Students work in groups to choose and research one specific social issue that inspires them. They have then identify and contact local grassroots charities who work to alleviate and support victims of these social issues. In 2016 some of the fantastic charities the students chose included Bromley and Croydon’s Women’s Aid, Lives not Knives and Dyscover.

The girls put together inspirational presentations championing their chosen charities and the work they do. The most important aspect of this was that the girls visited their charity and have seen for themselves the issues they are facing. These presentations are then performed in an inter-form competition with the winning groups going forward to a Grand Final. It is here that the girls have the chance to win vital funds for their charity.

Not only does the programme provide practical help in the form of funding and increased awareness, it has also translated to building a spirit of philanthropy in the girls many of whom go on to become involved in volunteering or supporting these charities in other ways.