Our extra-curricular provision is designed with three aims:

  • To allow girls to try new activities, exploring their strengths and weakness and discovering their personal identity
  • To give girls the autonomy to create their own personal timetable around their core lessons, meaning they do more of what they enjoy
  • To demonstrate and facilitate our core belief that there is no one way to succeed as a Croydon High girl

Our clubs change each term and girls can request new activities that they would like. Sewing club and Football club are examples of previous requests. We organise the extra-curricular timetable so that girls should not have to choose between being ‘sporty’ or ‘musical’. A Croydon High girl can be both. We then layer on top our special interest clubs. These include the challenge of taking a curriculum subject even further, like robotics, or a discovering a totally new set of skills, like photography. There is something for everyone and the range and number increase as the girls move up the school.

As well as clubs run by our own staff, for which there is no additional charge, we invite handpicked experts in to run specialist clubs, for which there is a charge. These appear in blue on the timetables to make this clear to parents. These are popular with busy parents who might want their daughter to have the experience of ballet, chess or taekwondo but do not have the flexibility to pick them up and drive them to after school activities.


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