Year 6 are as engaged and enthusiastic as ever and the classes are producing some really impressive work in these strange days.

As is the way at Croydon High Juniors, cross-curricular teaching provides a platform for deep-rooted learning. Girls develop new ways of working and thinking, in contrasting subjects, whilst continuing to embed the essential core skills. For example, Year 6 are studying rainforests in geography. So, their current reading in English (The Explorer by Katherine Rundell; a thrilling story of adventure, friendship and survival in the Amazon), allows them to really use their imaginations and descriptive writing to bring their deepening geographical knowledge to the fore.

Similarly, in art, the girls are studying the work of Henri Rousseau, particularly famed for his jungle paintings.

These examples of what we call ‘slow writing’ (where the girls take their time to really demonstrate their understanding of sentence construction) show how well this collaborative learning is working with some beautifully constructed creative writing.

And amazingly, this work is continuing through guided home learning, with girls meeting their teachers in virtual classrooms; lessons are delivered and questions answered and as far as possible the sense of community and team work is nurtured and maintained.