“Headmistress Emma Pattison said, “We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating these impressive GCSE results, achieved by a group of aspirational and inspirational young women.   As teachers, we recognise the hard work, dedication and focus that the girls have shown and I would also like to publicly recognise all the staff here at Croydon High for their dedication and tireless support of each and every girl.

It is also a day to acknowledge the care and encouragement given to the girls by their families throughout what can often be a stressful time.

“GCSEs results are all about opening doors and these girls have certainly given themselves every opportunity to go on to build fulfilling and exciting futures for themselves.”

In a cohort full of individuals, all of whom have their own unique strengths and passions, special mention must be made of those girls who have achieved outstanding results in all subjects.

Aditi Rammohan was awarded straight 9/A* grades in all ten of her I/GCSEs, together with an A^ (or A double star) in her AQA Level 2 Further Maths. A truly outstanding achievement for a girl who deserves every accolade.

Aditi was obviously thrilled although she modestly said she didn’t expect to do so well!

“I didn’t sleep at all last night,” she said …I was hoping for a few 8s and 9s but I am very happy now!”

Keya Patel is also celebrating stellar results, having achieved straight 9/A* grades in all ten I/GCSEs, and an A in her AQA Level 2 Further Maths.

Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head of Croydon High, Sophie Bradshaw congratulated both girls, saying “ We are looking forward to working with Aditi and Keya over the next two years and have every confidence that these results will be the springboard to equally outstanding success at A level and beyond.”

Girls plus STEM equals success at Croydon High

Amidst a continuing dialogue around the gender gap between boys and girls succeeding in STEM subjects, Croydon High continues to buck the trend.

In Maths, almost half of all students were awarded an A* grade – this is an exceptional achievement.  Equally impressively, 84% of Chemistry students and 88% of Computer Science students were awarded the top A*/A grades.

Amongst these students were the following girls, all of whom achieved straight grade 9-7/A*-A grades in all of their I/GCSE qualifications and in AQA Level 2 Further Maths. Many congratulations to Diya Dave, Laveenaa Jeyaruban, Choi Liu, Anna Skeels,  Vaishnavi Subramaniam and Sophie Webber.

Musicians hit the high notes whilst PE girls are All-Stars

In a school that prides itself on the strength of its co-curricular offer, with elite performers modelling excellence for their peers, it was fitting that those who also chose to study performance based subjects such as Music and P.E for GCSE have excelled.

Director of Music, Marcus Suranyi, was beaming as he learned that his cohort of young musicians achieved straight grade 9-7 (A*-A) grades.

Head of Upper School and member of the P.E staff Sue Beck was also celebrating the fact that it was a clean sweep of Grade 9 (A*) grades for Croydon High’s sportswomen.

It is a hallmark of the school that girls are encouraged and supported to study subjects they love and to reap the benefits of the broad curricular and co-curricular offering.

This year’s results certainly support this all-round high performance ethos with, in addition to those already mentioned, the following girls achieving straight grade 9-7/A*-A in all of their I/GCSEs.

Many congratulations to Simar Awal, Analisa Carrozzo, Annabella Christou, Eloise Demay, Aashna Kewanee, Kaitlyn Klass, Isha Korantak, Alice Monaghan, Nana Opoku-Gyamfi and Rhianna Patel.