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Team Maths Challenge

May 21, 2024

On Tuesday 7 May, Charlotte C, Maleeha K, Ana R and I went to Wilson’s school, where we took part in the Team Maths Challenge for Years 8 and 9. The day consisted of four rounds, all four of which were difficult but definitely interesting. The first round was a group round where we solved 10 questions worth 6 marks each, and it was arguably the easiest of them since we could communicate freely – gaining full marks between the four of us, it was a promising start. The rest of the day flew past, with a ‘Crossnumber’ (a numerical crossword) and a shuttle round where we could communicate only through a teacher sitting in between us; the last round, the relay round, was where we were instructed to ‘walk safely’ around the hall and it worked similar to our own relay on Sports Day (except we were solving maths problems instead of handing a baton).

We did incredibly well, coming 7th regionally. It was also a new experience for me working with Maleeha since working across year groups isn’t something I’ve done in maths before. It was also good fun meeting students from other schools like Wallington and Wilson’s, who were equally interested in maths, and I’m sure the Year 8s are looking forward to it next year, too.

Arwa K
Year 9