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Junior School Arts Week 2024: Great minds think differently, Great minds think sustainably

May 21, 2024

We started the week with an assembly from a Greenpeace speaker. He taught us about global warming and some areas of sustainability that we can make changes to help tackle the problem. Although the human impact on the environment is worrying, he reminded the students that this is not their burden to carry. We looked at plastic pollution, fast fashion and the impact of the meat industry and small changes that we can take to make a collective difference. The pupil continued to explore areas of sustainability in their classrooms throughout the week.

Year 1 enjoyed an afternoon of Art, creating a large collaborative collage about sustainability. They impressed me with the knowledge they had obtained from our morning’s assembly and their use of terms like carbon dioxide and climate change. We worked with bright colours and bold shapes to celebrate the hope of change and solutions.

Tuesday brought us an inspiring assembly from Mrs Monaghan, who talked to pupils about treasure and celebrating the beauty of the Earth and the things within it. She shared inspiring poems that celebrate nature’s beauty and sustainability. The pupils have been inspired to use their English lessons to write their own poems about our amazing world.

In the afternoon, Year 2 created layered mono-prints about wildflowers. The pupils focused on protecting bees and talked about pollination and how one-third of the food supply is reliant on pollinators. The scale and material of printing were a new and exciting experience for them, and they embraced the mark-making and spontaneity of the process.

Wednesday started with a bang, a rattle, a rhythm, and lots of laughter. We had a truly inspiring assembly from Jack and his Junk Orchestra, who transformed the staff into the band. With instruments made from bicycle wheels, bottle caps, flip-flops and water butts and no time to rehearse, the staff delighted the junior school with a musical feast. Jack engaged and entertained the pupils while drawing on their musical knowledge. The energy in the hall was palpable and continued throughout the day. KS1 and EYFS made musical instruments in their classrooms and returned at the end of the day to Jam with Jack, while KS2 enjoyed class sessions on the orchestra kit, working together and even conducting. This really was a celebration of recycling, a collaboration of creativity that the pupils embraced. The delight on their faces was joyous.

On Thursday, we continued to celebrate nature and sustainability by working with Mrs Wragg to create the message ‘Save our planet’ with natural materials on the school field. The pupils adore engaging with nature in forest school lessons, and this seemed a poetic way to reflect the week’s sentiment. Each class collaborated to create their allocated letter and enjoyed spending time outside, creating and collaborating.

We have finished the week with an excitement of wedding related creativity. Miss Threadgold has had her wedding dress created by Year 5 pupils. Year 4 students have created a dashing outfit for Mr Johnston and Year 3 students have fashioned bridesmaid dresses. The week culminated in a celebration showcase. We had fabulous performances from pupils across the whole Junior School, including the choir. Some of our pupils have showcased the poetry they have created, and Year 6 have strutted their stuff on our catwalk. The pupils in Year 6 have made wearable sculptures in response to the idea of fast fashion and taken influence from the art of Judith Scott.

It has been a very busy and exciting week in the Junior school, which was made possible by the collaboration and hard work of the staff and the open hearts and minds of our pupils. I have been impressed by the student’s growing knowledge of sustainability and their positive outlook about the change we can make for our futures.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this magical week happen.

Mrs Bird
Junior School Teacher of Art