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Jesus Christ Superstar: The Encore

After an incredible four live performances of Jesus Christ Superstar, Mrs Webb and pupils across the year groups have taken time to reflect on the production.

What an amazing experience we have had creating and performing Jesus Christ Superstar! This has been our most successful production to date at Croydon High – I’m so proud of EVERYONE who was involved from the lead roles, to the stage crew to the art scholars who created our fabulous posters and palm leaves.

The most memorable moment for me was during our final performance on Saturday evening – when the cast walked into the Hall for the opening of the show to applause and cheers from our packed audience, I knew this final show was going to be incredible and you didn’t disappoint! Well done, my superstars! You are THE BEST!

Mrs Emma Webb
Assistant Head (co-curricular)

I loved it when I accidentally fell down the stairs behind the set and I made a really loud noise when I fell. What made me laugh is that no one cared, they just walked off set not even knowing I fell.

Ivy E
Year 7

My favourite part of the show was when Judas was about to kiss Jesus and I was about to come on. I had the hiccups and suddenly did the biggest hiccup in the silence. It was really loud and everyone backstage heard it, we all suddenly started laughing and I had to go outside and get some water! I loved being in the show because it was really fun and well done too everyone in it!

Lula P
Year 8

My favourite part of the show was rehearsing the songs The Temple and Jesus Christ Superstar. I enjoyed how everyone was involved and was able to show lots of emotion. The costumes were also another highlight of the show because everyone was comparing which costume was the ‘worst’. I loved being involved in this show because I made many friends and great memories!

Alexa H
Year 8

I loved playing my role in JCS and ultimately my favourite part was being able to do this show with my friends. I thought all the costumes, songs and work that had gone into the production was phenomenal and as a school we delivered a fantastic performance. I enjoyed making friends with new people and gaining new experiences. Everyone who took part should be incredibly proud of themselves.

Ava G
Year 9

My favourite part was in the dress rehearsal when we all put our superstar costumes on and rushed to get on stage but they were the wrong size for some of us and we were all laughing and embarrassed.

Eleanor R
Year 7

My favourite part was when it was the opening night show and we were backstage in the corridors getting ready to go on and it was what’s the buzz and we started yelling the wrong lyrics really loudly and didn’t realise until backstage crew pointed it out we all started laughing and carried on singing the right lyrics.

Ela C
Year 7

I loved singing and dancing along to the songs backstage while I was waiting with the cast and holding the curtain open. I am also really proud of my friend Sasha because they absolutely nailed their solo 🙂 I had a really lovely time and I cannot wait to audition and be part of the cast next year! It was definitely one of the best Croydon High musicals that I have ever been in.

Nina D
Lower Sixth

I really enjoyed Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a great experience for me because it was my first ever production. I had so many funny times during the show and I loved getting the flowers from our family and friends.

Hannah F
Year 7

I really enjoyed helping out backstage and singing along to all the songs with the cast. It was a really fun experience overall!

Jorjah W
Year 9

I really enjoyed the whole experience, especially collaborating with the older years and getting to know them better. My favourite part was the last performance because even though we all were a bit tired, we all had such an amazing afternoon which we had all worked so hard for.

Zoe L
Year 7

I loved working as the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar because the experience for me actually felt unreal and exciting. I loved being part of the dancers in Herod’s Song and Superstar because our costumes were like the stars of the show and just working together to create the amazing choreography to perform was just so much fun. There was one moment when there was an audio of people cackling and everyone just started to laugh with the sound while the backstage crew was telling us to stop because we weren’t meant to. Overall, it was the best experience ever and I cannot wait to take part in more musicals in the future 🙂

Sarah H
Year 7

I loved being part of the production of Jesus Christ Superstar. One of my favourite parts was getting to know some of the older girls who performed the main roles. They made it really fun and entertaining for us backstage. A few of my favourite songs were Herod’s song, Heaven on their minds, Pilate and Christ and The Temple. One of my favourite moments was when the ensemble was reaching up to Jesus in the Temple. And one of my favourite parts backstage was when we were shouting the wrong lyrics to ‘What’s the buzz’ and the backstage crew had to tell us to stop and we were so loud!. I can’t wait to be involved in more musicals in the years to come.

Bonnie S
Year 7

I absolutely loved participating in Jesus Christ Superstars this year, as not only did I get to perform live in front of a live audience but I also got to make new friends in different years. My favourite moments were when me, my friends and a couple of other Year 9s were playing top trumps and we all got really competitive. Hopefully next year the production will be just as good as this one.

Naima B
Year 8

JCS was an amazing experience that allowed me to explore my acting and dance  journey so much! There was a strong sense of community even when tension was rising high and we helped each other all the way through. My fondest memory and the one that stood out to me the most, was how much of a fantastic community Croydon High has, especially as a Year 7 and still quite fresh to the school. As well as being an actor I was also a dancer and  there was a point that required a quick change. I struggled to put my shoes on and without hesitating one of the other girls grabbed one and helped me get it on. Without that support I would have never been able to make it in time.

Aviela G-L
Year 7

JCS is most definitely one of my favourite shows to watch and perform. The staging was so different to what we usually had and it was a really big experience. My favourite part was the Jesus Christ Superstar dance. I loved the outfits and how we all came on stage together to celebrate the end of the performance. Another part that I found quite funny is when we were all cramming to get up or down the stairs to our next scene change.

Annabel H
Year 8