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The Summer School Production of Matilda

Lara T

One of my most memorable moments was when I first got told that I was Matilda. I was so excited and happy that I fell off the stage in the recital room! Another moment is when we first started learning the choreography for Revolting Children. I found the actions really fun to do, and also liked the actions for Bruce as well. My final memory is doing the whole production, It was really fun performing in front of all of our parents and friends.

Ellie M

I really enjoyed swinging Amanda by the pigtails, although in the dress rehearsal I accidentally hit the photographer. The backstage crew was really good at doing the switching of the living Amanda and the inflatable Amanda! It was great working with everyone involved, and the atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming – except in the School Song where everyone did a great job of being terrifying and making the new children feel as unwelcome as possibe!

Ava G

Getting ready to go on stage was nerve-racking yet exciting. Although it was stressful at times I really enjoyed the stress I found it motivating and it gave me a desire to do myself proud! The whole production was incredible and I’m so proud of everyone involved!

Izzy T

Matilda was such an amazing experience, everything that I don’t think I can pick just one moment but if I had to it would have to be the Revolting Children number. The amount of effort everyone put in was apparent and the song came out so well. Thank you to all the teachers who put in their time and effort to make the show so amazing.

Claire C

My favourite part was probably meeting new people and making new friends as well as performing and delivering an amazing show we also got to meet people and support others and come together as a team and put on an amazing show I am incredibly proud of everyone because everyone gave the show everything they got and at the end of the day all the hard work and effort we all put in was worth it.

Loveleen N

Learning choreography was fun and easy and it was an amazing experience!

Aleena B

Watching Jessie get swung around by her pigtails by the Trunchbull and seeing people pretend to check if the blow up person was ok!!! I also loved my costume and it made me think I was actually 5 because it reminded me of my Junior school uniform in Year 2.

Ruby M-B

I really enjoyed the whole show, but especially the way that you got to work with lots of other people that we might have not done anything with. It was also amazing to see everyone together working really well.


Congratulations and well done to the entire cast!

Mrs Webb

Assistant Head (co-curricular)

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