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Y3 Harry Potter World Trip

On Monday 13th June 2022, Year 3 went to Harry Potter World in London. It was a really long drive but it was worth it. When we arrived we were very excited. We took many photos and had lots of fun! It was much bigger than I imagined!

First we got Harry Potter passports and we had activities in our passports and we found out that we had to look for golden snitches around Hogwarts. My friends and I explored different places. The tour was brilliant. We watched a short clip then the cinema screen went up!

The gates for the Great Hall appeared…

There stood the actual scenery of Hogwarts used for the film Harry Potter! We took our time looking because it was amazing! Next we saw a stamp and we stamped our passports. After that we were going to the Death Eaters display. It wasn’t that scary.

We also went into the Forbidden Forest. There were spiders everywhere and white mist, which made it super scary! Finally we reached the end of the Forbidden Forest! My heart was pounding after that. We reached Platform 9 ¾ and the Hogwarts Express and after a few more attractions it was time to go home.

My favourite place was everywhere to be honest with you! I would love to go again and do everything in Harry Potter World.

Hana A, 3J

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