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Class of 2022 Crystal Ivies

Crystal Ivies is the name we give to the girls who have been at Croydon High since either Nursery or Reception right through until the Upper Sixth. This year’s Crystal Ivies are Tay, Sarena, Ivana, Finty, Shayna, Avani, Sajni and Bethany. Tay and Serena report on their special lunchtime celebration…

This Tuesday eight of the sixth formers who have been here since nursery/reception were able to take a trip back to their junior school lives. (Karen Roe, Alumna Relations Manager)

“We had the opportunity to have lunch with not just Mrs Pattison but some familiar faces that made our journey. We were joined by Mrs Pickett, Mrs Grinham and Mrs Raja and spent the time reminiscing about our time in junior school including our favourite trips, plays and admitting some embarrassing moments!

After lunch (and several photos later) we travelled the short distance to Juniors. We were greeted by nursery who were excited to sing the ‘5 ladybirds’ song. Seeing everything so miniature made us feel like giants and we were beyond jealous of the lifestyle of a nursery. After playing some more, we took a tour around the school, which took a while considering all the memories that we had. Walking around the school made us feel old as we remembered looking up to the sixth formers as being grown-ups.

We were lucky to run into Mr Garrard, the songs he taught us remain close to our hearts and we were tempted to break out into song the minute we saw him.

Looking around the school, made us appreciate the changes and improvements the school has made but there were still elements of our experience that remained.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to revisit our time at Croydon High Junior School and a huge thank you to all the teachers who have been part of our journey and who have put this afternoon together.

We look forward to seeing the future of Croydon High.”

Tay and Sarena

Upper Sixth students

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