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Spoken Word Evening

Year 7 and Performance Poetry Club saw in the new year with a celebration of poetry at the spoken word evening, held in the Holt Hall on Tuesday 11th January 2022.

In a world where people might feel that choice is often constrained, poetry often offers the opportunity to explore and play. It offers the opportunity to grapple with and reflect on feelings and emotions. It offers the opportunity to consider what it might be like to put ourselves in another’s shoes.

This evening offered an insight into the poetical world we bounded into last term as we shared our inspirations and original poems. Topics ranged from depictions of the natural world and the climate crisis, our industrial predecessors, and moved all the way through to representations of gender and identity. Each form came together to perform as a group, and a few poets from each class shared original poems which meant something to them. We were also really lucky to have the opportunity to hear from the creative talents of our performance poetry club, who have been inspired by stimulus from newspaper clippings and the COP 26 legal negotiations.

A poetry anthology of Year 7s original poems, accompanied by thought provoking illustrations, provided a touching memento of the evening.

We want to congratulate the year group on their commitment to independence and free thought, their phenomenal courage and resilience, and their celebration and support of their peers.

We would also like to say a big ‘well done’ to the evening’s individual performers:

Ella M, Breanna J-D, Ava G, Prisha P, Riya S, Amelie B, Anaiya S, Laura J, Mahathi M, Hanna M, Naima B, Tallulah P, Ruby MB, Isla W, Hadassah C-S, Emily F, Isabella W, Pranati S, Holly M, Rachel I and Flo K.

Ms Howie

Second in Charge of English


The Poetry Evening was extremely enjoyable for me and so many others. All the parents loved it and everyone’s poems were so incredible. I got to perform 3 times! I think that my performances made a lot of the parents laugh as they had some jokes and funny things in them.  All of the poems that were performed all had a really deep message in it and they were all so clear. There was also so much variety that everyone had chosen from. Some poems were extremely funny and others were quite sad. Some of them were about things you would normally miss in day-to-day life. It was so fun and it really was such a memorable moment I will always remember.

Riya S, 7H


The poetry evening was an amazing experience with a bit of something for everyone, from poems with rhyming to poems with timing to poems that touched our hearts. My form 7M performed a poem that I wrote about the Greek gods because that is something that I am interested in and my English teacher and my form respected that -Ms Cotton liked it so much that she let the class perform it! The performance was amazing! Everybody got dressed up as the gods, it was an incredible experience overall.

Jessie H- 7M


Being able to participate in the Poetry Evening was absolutely amazing because I got to perform on my own in a group from Performance Poetry Club and another group as a class. I loved listening to other people’s ideas and poems. I was really happy!

Hadassah C-S, 7H

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