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Alumna Camilla Bowry is the founder of charity Sal’s Shoes, delivering shoes to children living in poverty around the world. Sal’s Shoes (named after her son) began in 2013 after Camilla collected a bag of her son’s outgrown but not outworn shoes. Reluctant to throw them away, but unable to find a suitable charity to take them, she sent them to a friend overseas who delivered them to a children’s oncology ward.

Eight years on, some 2.75 million pairs of shoes are walking again in 52 countries, and more than 41000 pairs alone have found their new feet here in the UK over the past 12 months.

Sal’s Shoes has received backing from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Marks & Spencer, whose recent donation reached children at an IDP camp in Nigeria. Not satisfied with this, Camilla has now set up Clemie’s Clothes (named after her daughter), which finds new owners for children’s fancy dress outfits around the world.

Camilla chatted to Emma Pattison about her motivations and journey into the charity world and how the privilege of a sound education gave her the confidence and sense of self belief to set something up from scratch.

Camilla’s truly inspirational story can be found here.

Karen Roe

Alumnae Relations Manager

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